Gosar video

I’ve tried to find the video that Gosar posted but to no avail. All I get are lots of reports on the censure and so forth. Is this video stlll available?

I heard that after the censure vote, he reposted it, because “What can they do about it now?” I don’t really want to search for it myself personally.

This appears to be it. The action in question occurs at 0:51-0:58, it’s very fleeting and indistinct, IMO. I single-stepped it and it still isn’t clear. Later, at about 1:03-1:08 is the part where he attacks Biden, likewise very fleeting.

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Arizona Republican Paul Gosar BANNED, CENSORED, CENSURED ANIME AD VS. AOC (Attack on Titan) - YouTube

ETA: Upon reading the viewer comments on that YouTube posting, one person mentioned that he saw a glimpse of Pelosi somewhere in there too.

The majority of the comments seemed to be along the lines of “Everyone’s making such a big fuss over THIS?”

What in gods name was that mess? It’s insane.

I agree. This is something that, in a sane world, would have just been ignored. But we’ve left that sane world behind about a generation ago.

I think a significant point is that he refused to apologize. If he had done so the censure motion probably wouldn’t have passed (or possibly even been made).

Honestly the attack on Pelosi and Biden was about the least offensive thing in that video. Far more offensive to me was the equating of Refugees coming over the border to mindless canibalistic giants driving humanity to extinction.