Got a cat (in a very odd way!)

Tonight our doorbell rang and a woman we don’t know was standing there. She said, rather apologetically, “I know this sounds weird, but you have a red car, right?” (my husband and I nod. Our parking spaces have our apt number on them so she knew which apt. to go to.) “Well, I think you may have a cat caught in your car. I was near there and heard meowing. You might not want to start your car.”

So, a little later my husband goes down to try and see what’s going on. During the time he’s gone, some strange unrelated things happen, like my son choking on his taco (he was fine) and my daughter taking off her diaper and smearing her poop everywhere (she’s 2 1/2, I can’t wait till she’s potty trained) that just make the night more interesting. My husband was gone longer than I thought it’d take, then he comes back and says he needs my help, the cat is climbing up around the engine and refusing to come out.

We go down, with a bowl of milk and a flashlight. It won’t come out so my husband grabbed it, finally. It’s a tiny tiny kitten, just barely old enough to be on its own. It doesn’t belong to anyone because animal control had been trying to get it earlier and noone ever reported it missing. It’s not a regular stray, we’re guessing that someone’s cat had kittens and they very cruelly just released them to the world when they were old enough.
So we’re keeping it.

It’s so far not tame at all, because its so young and had such a scary time. We don’t have cat supplies so tonight it’s living in our bathroom. We fed it pieces of hot dog and whether or not that’s good for a cat, it ate it all up and we don’t have anything else till tomorrow.

This will be exciting! I’ve never had a cat before. Sadly we’ll have to give it away in 2 years, because I’ll be moving back to the US then and it’s a big ordeal to bring animals overseas. We may not even be allowed to, I don’t know.

This comes at an interesting time, we weren’t expecting to get a cat, we were planning on a hamster. So we ordered all this hamster stuff and when it gets here, we’ll have another tiny little friend that hopefully our cat won’t get.

No names on the cat yet, we don’t know if it’s male or female even cause it doesnt like being handled yet. More on that tomorrow. My husband once had a cat named Matrix, I suggested we therefore name this one Reloaded. : )

How wonderful! Good on you for taking the little fella/girl in.

Gobear came by his latest bundle of fur in a similar situation and it seems to be working out fine.

I had never thought about bringing animals overseas as a difficult thing. I suppose it has something to do with worrying about diseases? If that is incorrect, what is the problem with doing it?

And this isn’t related at all to your OP, but how are you doing? I remember reading a thread a while back where things did not sound like they were going well for you at all with your husband or living situation. I have thought about you often since I read that and I truly hope things are better for you.

Kitty cats are great. I had one from the time I was 7 until I was 23 and he was a great companion.

Good luck to you and your new Kitty! :slight_smile:

Well thank you for your concern, that is nice of you to ask! Things are ok, I guess. I got hired to work at our local daycare center, but am awaiting the results of various background, reference, and character checks before I can officially be cleared to work there. They’re very intense about that sort of thing here. I’m actually concerned because I had gone to a therapist type person like 3 times awhile back and that may be enough to disqualify me from the job.

Yeah, the concern with bringing animals overseas is disease related. They make you quarantine pets if you do bring them, whther or not they’re sick, and sometimes they don’t let you bring them at all depending on what it is, where you’re going, or where you’re coming from. For the same reason, I can not have plants, fruits, vegetables, and almost all other foods shipped to me from the US, nor could I send anything there. I don’t care about the plants or produce but it sucks I can’t get bread or cake sent to me!

Yes, cats do have a habit of finding people…one of my aunts has adopted 6
:slight_smile: good luck!

I don’t think the US regulations for bringing in your pets are actually all that bad (at least for “normal” pets like cats and dogs). The plane flight home may be a bigger ordeal than the requirements once you get here. You might want to check into it when it’s time to come back, since your new kitty will undoubtedly have you completely smitten by then. :slight_smile: Your kids may also have a hard time with giving him/her up!

A really wonderful place for getting info on cat care, habits, etc., is . The forums are very friendly and helpful, and there are lots of good articles about caring for a new cat, including what sort of stuff you need, how to get a feral to accept a litterbox if they don’t take to it immediately, etc.

it sounds like y’all got the little furry very young, the little furball should come along fairly well. all my girls came in from the outside at various ages from 3days to 6 weeks. the one i got at 6 weeks is the most affectionate, the one at 10 days is the least cuddlely, 3 days is cuddlely, and responds to me mostly.

just move slow, and talk to the little one softly, she’ll come around.

i think the quaren. thing is for rabies mostly. japan being an island (rather like england) has very strict rules for bringing animals in, (i know england is 6 months quaren). i would think that going from japan to the us would be a bit easier as long as you have all the papers and tags. the flight maybe a bit harrowing though.

if i remember properly y’all are military? perhaps if worse comes to worse you would be able to (if you could, those furfaces stick to your heart) give her to an incoming family that had to leave a pet in the states.

acrossthesea, as I recall, you are in Japan, right? Please know that you do not have to give your cat away. We aquired two cats when we were in Misawa, and while it took some extra paperwork and some money, we were able to bring our cats back to the states with no problem. The US has no quarantine on household pets, you simply walk out of the airport with them.

In fact, I highly encourage you not to give your cat away. Sadly, many military people do not want to make the effort to do what it takes (which is not really that hard) to bring a pet home from overseas, an as a result we’ve gotten a pretty bad reputation for animal abandonment in many of our host countries. When we were in Germany, the local shelters wouldn’t allow American military to adopt from them for just that reason.

When the time comes, let me know if you want advice on the whole process. Like I said, it’s really not that hard, and we’ve done it many times.

how about “setsuritsusuru” if you can get it right because i know thats wrong it tanslates as found although as a pets name thats not v. gd bit long so “neko” would be ok if you dont mind calling you cat cat
lots of luck

Do you know yet if it’s a girl or a boy? If it’s a boy, I would call it Engine.

No one has said this yet, but make sure you get the little thing spayed or neutered. If it’s a she, you don’t want to be stuck with a litter of kitties in 8 months, and if its a he, then you probably don’t want to force that on someone else. Besides, spaying/neutering has health benefits as well as behavioural benefits for your cat, so PLEASE do it! Look into various vets or shelters to see if you can get a good price on it. Its probably a good idea to get it to the vet ASAP, to make sure it doesnt have fleas, to determine its gender, and to get its first set of shots, if its old enough.

Have fun with your kitty! I have one too (shes a year and a half old) and I absolutely love her! She makes me smile every time I look at her.

I have to agree with mnemosyne on two counts. One is naming your cat after a piece of equipment from your car, though I’d choose something more obscure than Engine.

The second is getting your kitty its shots and get him/her fixed.

A final suggestion on your kitty and potty training. We had a kitten we found in a similar fashion: very small, cute as hell and scared. Furball would usually not go to the litter box, opting to drop her kitty bombs behind the couch. She was fairly consistent with it. What I did was move the couch out a bit, placed the box where she liked to go, and problem solved. Eventually the litter box was moved the where it was desired and there haven’t been problems ever since.

Damn you people…you make me miss having cats! Auuuuuuuuugh! Must have kitty!!!