I found a kitty

We’ve seen a little grey kitten meandering around the past couple of days. Thought little of it, until one of the neighbors came knocking on the door asking if it was ours.

Long story short, we have a new cat - cite 1, two and III.

Poor thing was hungry and thirsty, skinny but not scary-skinny, and she’s box trained. We’ll post some signs and get her to the vet, but the neighbors are of the opinion that she was dumped (why they asked me about her, I don’t know)

Lil baby kitten hmmm? Looks like a grown up kittycat from here. Good luck placing her…or maybe she’s found her place…:slight_smile:

She’s sitting on a 8 year old lap. Yeah, she’s not a baby but she’s young - 4-6 months, maybe? Doesn’t look old enough for a zipper-installation.

You has cat, not kitteh.

Guard your cheezburgers carefully.

Is so cute! Congratulations.

I adopted a a little dumped kitteh exactly 2 months ago today. He’s gone from being a timid shy little cat to an incredibly affectionate white-hot ball of snarlilng feline terror. He’s lovely and cuddly and so well behaved.

Awww, she’s pretty!

Amazing Stories?

She’s cute - looks like she landed on all four paws!

I expected her to spend the night hiding in a box or under the bed or something, instead I spent most of 6 hours unable to move because she was curled up behind my knee (“knee pit”, as the oldest boy once called it), and the rest of the time fighting off unprotected attacks on my facial hair.
Suddenly remembering that I’m a terrible judge of age, a trip to the vet is of high importance - I don’t want her going into heat, and she’s a little scraped up from her time in the uncharted wilds of Arvada.

Our Eskimo is fascinated and hasn’t even tried to eat her (might have learned a lesson from the hedgehog, but I doubt it), possibly misses the older dog that we had to put down a week or so ago (lymphoma) and wants a new pet. Our other cat is none too happy with this development.

She is a beauty - and a lucky girl! Congratulations! Thank you for taking her in - now get her to the vet. She needs to be spayed; there is a possibility she could already be pregnant. The vet will decide if she is strong enough for the surgery or if she needs to be fed up a bit.

Again - thank you for taking her in. You get karma points!

Congratulations and good on you! She is really beautiful!

We, too, have our hands full with new kitties, though we haven’t been able to catch mamma kitty yet. We actually can’t keep any of them, so we’re still looking for good homes if anyone’s interested.

Not sure you can tell by the pictures, but her right ear has funny a little kink in it near the tip.

The kids that found her have been calling her “Dew”, and having been reminded of the wonderful Seger album “Live Bullet” by Frank’s Get Out of Denver thread, we’re considering calling her “Mandu”

You did not find a cat. It found you.

As was foretold by prophesy.

Unless it’s the dreaded hamwort.


B. Kliban cartoon, from Cat I believe.

Very exciting and very cute kitty!

I also adopted a kitten a little over a year ago. She was so little and cute and was instantly part of the family!

Awww, cute kitty.

I have to get her to stand still for 1/100th of a second so I can get a decent picture of her. All those I have make her look months older than she does IRL. Part of it could be because she’s soooo skinny. I don’t like baby things to be skinny, it offends us.

Our youngest son is absolutely in love with this cat. I’m afraid that if someone comes around looking for their lost kitty, we’ll have to kill them. Sad, but that’s just the way it’s gotta be…