Got a question for the candidates? Let me know!

Ok, see that sticky up there? The one about Presidential debates?

Yeah, I’m moderating a debate between four fake presidential candidates on the SDMB. Tripper, stelios, Sage Rat, and snowmaster have agreed to plat those roles. There are already some opening statements in the thread at SDMB Presidential debate thread.

But I’m looking for questions. So private message me with questions you’d like answered. If I like them I’ll use them and the candidates will be required to answer them.

Follow the debate! We’ll have some fun.


You’ll let us know if you use our questions, right?

I hope to. But I’ve gotten many.

One day util the first question!

This is for all the candidates - if you win the election, how will you make my life better? I’m talking vote bribes here, people.