Got Body Odor ? Take a pill!

Found this web site.


I especially like the testimonial of giving it to the dog. The extent of its odor neutralizing ability is amazing, from head to toe and anything coming out! I think smell something else.

sniff sniff Huh, so do I. Maybe the website needs to take a pill… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a financial relationship with the Nullo company - so take my comments with a grain of salt, as you may deem appropriate, but you are wrong about the product.

While I admire skepticism, left standing alone it is not in my experience enough to reliably produce a well founded answer to any question… for as the Bard said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Nullo has been in continuous use in hospitals and adult care facilities for over 50 years, because it works. It was developed in the 1950’s by a dentist as a treatment for chronic bad breath but has since been found to be helpful for many other situations - most notably to diminish odors arising from incontinence and similar profound body odor problems.

If you actually read the web site you’ll find a fairly detailed description of the primary ingredient [chlorophyll rendered water soluble = sodium copper chlorophyllin or copper chlorophyllin complex], take a look here:

note references to authoritative sources including the FDA

… and:
“PDR for Nutritional Supplements” (2nd Edition – 2008) is a physicians desk reference for objective, scientific information on nutritional supplements. This volume describes the beneficial attributes of water soluble chlorophyll (chlorophyllin) for its "deodorizing activity.” as " …an aid to reduce odor from a colostomy or ileostomy, and also as an aid to reduce fecal odor due to incontinence…”*[/INDENT]

If you want to look outside the source for information you might seek reviews from users collected by other web sites - where you will find confirmation Nullo works for a lot of people in a number of differing situations. For example, 22 out of 25 reviews listed here are 4 stars or better:

Or poke around in deer hunting forums and you can find thousands of folks who have used Nullo to suppress human scent in circumstances significantly more critical than normal social interaction.

In any event, to make a rational case that Nullo doesn’t work, you will need to do better than the evidence you have thus far presented [none].

May I humbly recommend that you try Nullo yourself. While I cannot promise that Nullo will cure the funk that you are putting out - it does work for lots of other people who have odor problems - though admittedly these successful cases are typically of a nature perhaps more biological and less philosophical than your own.

Woot, a response from a posted webpage with a coherently written response, and cites.

Dude, stay around, we get way too many visitors that can’t be reasoned and coherent when posting.

We tried it to counteract body odor after eating onion and garlic. I had great hopes for it. It didn’t help at all. I would imagine that the people who get null results from Nullo don’t bother posting. We didn’t bother.

Of course it didn’t - Nullo does not mask odor as would be the required efficacy to pass the test you pose. But, no such claim is made, quite the opposite in fact. The benefit of the product is that it complexes with compounds such as the waste products of your bacterial flora to reduce odor. If you give that some thought you will realize your test is not a related matter.

If you would like to read more about how the chlorophyllin compound works in regard to complexing with other compounds in your body and facilitating expunging same, this paper is interesting and will give you some insight into to how the compound can be beneficial.

Do you realize that you this statement disproves itself? i appreciate your interest in the product, and regret your creative desire to use it did not work out as well as you hoped. But posting that it doesn’t work… and that no one knows that because you imagine that no one would every make a post taking this position… well, that just doesn’t make any sense does it.

Nullo does not work for everyone is every circumstance… but Nullo does work for the purposes presented for the vast majority of users. Here is an example. A large fraction of Nullo sales over the years has been [and continues to be] to instituions that care for the elderly. These purchases are made by the adminitrators of said institutions - not the clients. The staff wouldn’t buy Nullo if it didn’t improve their working conditions. These folks are in a position to know exactly how well Nullo works with little fear of “placebo effect” leading them astray.

Silly me! I thought the object of it was to reduce body odor!

I thought it was to reduce normal body odor, not to counter-act the effects of an overdose of garlic/onions/kimchee/lutefisk/durian/whatever.

For years I’ve been putting ample parsley into soups and stews and encouraging my husband to eat his green leafy vegetables, because chlorophyll compounds do help reduce body odor. This product sounds like a more concentrated and refined method of doing this, though I have not tried the product myself

I can believe that it works. Our dog has the stinkiest frito-feet imaginable and we feed him chlorophyll dental sticks every day and now we can’t smell his feet unless we put our noses right by his feet. Before he would stink up a whole room.

Overall he still smells faintly like a dog when he needs a bath or he’s wet but his feet smell a lot less.