Got my eye on some 20 year old cheddar

Sadly, my stash of 28 year old cheddar got finished off this past holiday season, when it hit the 30 year old mark and my kids and their spouses were gathered to enjoy it. Damn, that was good. Sharp enough to shave with, yet smooth and creamy; a bite the size of a peppercorn filled the mouth with ancient cheesy goodness. It pleased our palates and cemented bonds between us all.

I’ve got some 13 year old in the fridge, but I’m not quite ready to crack it open yet. The Mrs. has been warned off of it, ever since she took my previous block of 13 year old stuff to use for making cheeseburgers because “we’re out of the usual cheddar and I figured this would be okay to use.” :smack: (It was pretty good on a burger, I admit.)

I’ve been settling for 5 year old stuff for everyday use, but had been lamenting that true elder cheddar was in short supply.

But not for long! A local respected cheesemaker is now making 20 year old cheddar available.

I’ve got my order in!

I live pretty close to Mineral Point. I can pick some up for you in exchange for a couple of slices.

C’mon, c’mon. don’t bogart that cheese, my brother!

I really wish I could justify that price :frowning: I’d make the drive up from Chicago if it were closer to the 15 year price.

I’ll get mine from Larry’s, we shop there periodically for those exotic items like Epoisses, liederkranz, and lobster pot pies. But maybe I’ll share a bit. :wink: I’m in Madison for work from time to time.

The big HQ on East Wash? I was in there several times for job interviews, but they were smart enough not to hire me. :wink:

I think I have some in the back of my fridge. It’s just regular Cracker Barrel but it’s been in the fridge for a LONG time now. I can give you a good price on it.

I’ve had the opportunity to sample 50 year old cheddar a couple of times. 50 year old cheddar out of a can. It is delicious! :smiley:

IIRC, the previous Mercotan stash came from a situation something like that (though on a larger scale). A grocer discovered some hidden in the back of a walk-in fridge, and half of it had to be thrown out, but the other half was delectable.

I still go wild over my 12 month old extra sharp Tillamook Cheddar.

It is probably better that I don’t know the 20 year old stuff.

protect your cheese like Jerry Fletcher.

Is “cheddar” what the kids are calling it these days?

Anyone one else misread the title as “some 20 year old cheerleader”?

both good eating.

Close, but it was a cheese warehouse, and the elder 28 year old cheese in question was tucked away behind a bunch of old barrels and boxes. There was also 40 year old cheddar, but I was unable to procure any of that. :frowning:

So… enlighten me on the ins and outs of aging cheddar. Is it like spirits where it only ages in certain conditions and packaging, and then stops, or is it more like wine, where it continues to age in the package? How do you prevent mold?

Just curious… there’s a package of vacuum-packed aged white cheddar in the back of the fridge that I think has been there for 3-4 years at least, maybe more. Would it have been getting better as time goes on, or is it pretty much just deteriorating and just not moldy because of the wrapping?

My budget only allows for me to indulge in underaged cheddar.

Perhaps one day things will improve and I can move up to barely legal cheddar.

I just saw 15 year at Schultz’s this weekend, $89/lb.

I picked up some 8 year cheddar, which to me is the perfect combination of creaminess and crystallization.

What I want to know is, where is the old Swiss? The oldest I can find is 2 year. Maybe I’ll have to start buying 2 year Swiss in larger quantities and aging it myself in our cave.

I’ve been getting 4 and 5 year old swiss at Cedar Valley, not too far from you! With that lovely amber liquid filling the holes, too!

I’ll have to stop by Schultz’s next time I’m passing by. Got to take an insulated bag in my car though, so it doesn’t freeze during the day.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll stop at Cedar Valley today.

I’m going to have to research aging my own cheese. I mean, I have a cave, I might as well use it! Just have to make sure I’m not ruining anything. I’ll send you a PM in 5 years and let you know how its going. :smiley:

The Chicago Tribune had a story on this today: