Got My "One Ring"!

And I wear it on my left index finger. This works fine unless my nose itches (You know, right above the upper lip?). Then I have to be careful to use the right hand index finger. This took some getting used to. :smiley:

I got the silver one ($99 bucks), both because I like silver ( the few jewelry items I wear are all silver) and because I’m a cheap bastard. :wink:

So did any of y’all get one? I got mine for my birthday. It is…precious to me. snicker (Damn thing don’t work, though! )



Not the Ring but my daughter is buying me the Evenstar necklace for my birthday.

In 500 years you’ll look like Gollum but I’ll still be the same me only better. So, neener. :slight_smile:

It on;y works when no one is looking. :smiley:

Screw that silly “One Ring”. In the words of Goodgulf, “For as surely as the Ring gives power, just as surely it becomes the master! The wearer slowly changes, and never to the good. He grows mistrustful and jealous of his power as his heart hardens. He loves overmuch his strength and develops stomach ulcers. He becomes logy and irritable, prone to neuritis, neuralgia, nagging backache, and frequent colds. Soon no one invites him to parties any more.”

I mean, who would want that??

If I wants me a Ring of Power, I think I’d go with Thomas Covenant’s white gold ring. I mean, it doesn’t corrupt the user, and Covenant gets to keep it in the end. Much better deal, if you ask me. :slight_smile:

Besides, with the white gold, you can heal the Land.

Friggin’ arthritis, too, RT! :smiley:

I miss ol’ Thomas Covenant. I read all the books, and go back to them every now and again.


I want the silver one. Ok folks, my birthday is in exactly one month from tomorrow… who’s buyin’?

From the distance is heard an anguished cry of “Lossst! My preciousss is lossssssssst!!”

Er, Quasi… exactly where did you get that ring?

I got one in June that was brass with a gold coating. Was great until the gold wore off and I wound up with my middle finger having a huge rash. Also it turned my finger green.

One of these days I’ll break down and buy a solid gold one, or buy a wedding ring and show the jeweler what to put on it.

Cougarfang you can go here, and get your own:

But, as you know, the precious belongs to me. So all you will get is a cheap copy. So nee____

Cougarfang! stole the precious! We hates it! We hates it forever!!! :smiley:

>“Hello Mr. Victor Hugo? Can I get my old bell-ringing job back , please?”<


So they’re mass forging copies of the One Ring? Am I the only one who’s slightly disturbed by that? Especially since my last post was in the George-Bush-wearing-the-one-ring thread? :smiley:

One site I saw charges $9.95 for a replacement ring if the gold wears off.

I’ve seen them at a number of sites… I have a question. Are these two different, or just photographed differently?

I don’t have the ring but I do have Aragorn, Legolas, Frodo, Gimli, Gandolf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins, and RingWraith Action Figures with Galadriel, Arwen, Eowyn, and an Ent on the way :slight_smile:

My SO has gone mad and has spent countless hours sanding, painting, and sewing the costumes on action figures to look more like the real characters. He’s very good and you can’t imagine how Legolas is looking since he transplanted some real Barbie hair to his head.

Hehehe…I can’t wait for Smeagol’s action figure to come out :smiley:

Christ Quasi! I rushed into this thread thinking you and the pool boy had eloped.

[sub]Yeah, yeah the hobbit rings are real cool and all that[/sub]

Is there a “shakes-head-but-loves-poster” icon?

astro, thanks!