Got Sims 3 for Christmas, hook me up with hacks!

So… while I’ve been happy enough playing The Sims 2, I asked for, and got, Sims 3 for Christmas. I’m used to having many hacks for Sims 2, but I’m only marginally aware of what’s out there for 3.

Is there a hack to keep them from staving and wetting themselves? I used Insiminator and Squinge’s Employee Motive Refresh hacks to keep them alive, so the thought of having to make sure their needs are met is a bit daunting.

How about a hack to increase the limit of people allowed in a household? Honestly, I don’t even know if you are restricted to 8 like the first two games…

And I know you need hacks for teen pregnancy (but which one?) but do you to have male pregnancy, or is it built into the game like the for 2?

What hacks do you consider must-have?

There’s a cheat code. Use Ctrl+Shift+C to open the console and enter testingCheatsEnabled true. This will allow you to set the each need with your mouse or use the mailbox to make the household happy (i.e.: max out all needs for the whole family). Sims 2 also has this cheat code but that is boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.

The only “hack” I have is to turn the censor blur off.

Just so you know, EA has changed the way the game patches, and if you have any “hacks” in the game you will have to uninstall the game to use any future patches or expansion packs.

Ah, good to know. Do I literally need to reinstall the game every time there’s a new expansion or patch if I’ve ever had hacks, or just remove them prior to installing the new expansion/patch as we did before installing sims 1-2 expansions?

Depends on the hack. Most of them replace core files, which the patch/EP looks at when it attempts to install. If the files don’t match what is expected, the update fails, and you get a screwed-up game that is no longer playable until uninstalled and reinstalled, including removing registry entries. Lots of people didn’t do that correctly on the World Adventures expansion, and now they are complaining on

I never had a problem myself, until I tried to install the “beta” awsomemod. My game refused to load completely, and I had to uninstall. It works fine now (as I uninstalled properly), but I will never use another “hack” again.

This is why I don’t have anything other than a package to remove the censor blur. Being a package, it doesn’t replace anything.