Gotcha Ya- what does it mean?

Gotcha Ya!

I just saw this in a thread and rather than hijacking it, I thought I’d ask here. What does “gotcha ya” mean? Well, I can guess from context that it means gotcha, but why the additional ya part? (And from a quick google search, it doesn’t even seem to mean that. I can’t even figure out the context from how it’s used in some of the things I found on google) So what does it mean and where does it come from?

I couldn’t find it in the glossary of terms.

That’s a good idea about adding it to the glossary. And you probably did a thread search too (which came up empty for me too).

Someone will be along who was around when it first became a meme here and explain this better, but basically that’s all it is, one of many SDMB memes. One poster errantly typed “gotcha yah” no recognizing that he basically said “got you you” and the following posters to the thread picked up on it and it became a joke for them.

Every now and then a poster will bring it back up.

I know that thread you’re talking about. Ask about Manny. It’s a much better story.

It’s from this thread by Wildest Bill.

Thanks, Fish!

Ya, that really should be in the glossary. The first few times I saw it, I wondered if they didn’t notice the additional ya also.

Maybe they could add “implode of it” also. Of course, that meme didn’t last from 2001, and may not be around that long.

OK. I’ll bite.

Who’s Manny?

Manhattan. A former General Questons moderator.

Correct, but I was referring to an earlier Manny. I wasn’t around, but I heard this story from an old thread awhile back, I’ll recount it for you: