Ten years of the Dope: a history

(A work in progress)

A few threads ago someone asked about the origins of “Gotcha Ya,” and I was shocked to realize that it goes all the way back to 2001. It feels so recent. I started thinking about other things that make up the Board’s character (events, catch-phrases, etc.) and realized my sense of chronology is totally whacked. So I started thinking about making some sort of a timeline … but then there’s that whacked sense of chronology. I also realized that there are a lot of things that can go on the timeline, and that’s only what I can think of off the top of my head.

Maybe this would make a fun group project? Anyone have coloured pencils? Poster board? Construction paper? A functioning memory?

Here is what I have so far, in no real order. I did make some loose categorizations for the time being, but these can be combined when things start to come together — adding specific dates when remembered or adjustments made in relative order. I have a few other ideas as to how to organize/nominate/structure things, but I’d rather see if anyone’s interested in the idea first.

Board Events
[li]Handy breaking 10,000 posts[/li][li]Cecil’s last sighting[/li][li]Board goes pay-to-post[/li][li]Winter of Our Lost Content [/li][li]StormFront invasion [/li][li]Lost weekend [/li][li]Passing of members (from the memorial thread)[/li][li]Left Behind outbreak[/li][li]Pit rules change[/li][li]Board returns from pay-to-post[/li][li]Weird URLs/threadspotting begins[/li][li]First Doper-to-Doper marriage [/li][li]First Doper-to-Doper kid[/li][li]First column inspired by the boards[/li][li]SDSAB created[/li][li]Board is sold [/li][li]Café Society opens[/li][li]Game Room opens[/li][/ul]**Great Threads **(this is a category that can get out of hand … perhaps the most likely category that needs nomination and at least a couple seconds?)
[li]What if the Lord of the Rings had been written by someone else?[/li][li]Will a plane on a treadmill take off?[/li][li]14 k of g in a f p d[/li][li]Found wallet from the 70’s[/li][li]What happens on May 33rd but only on leap year?[/li][li]First MMP[/li][li]First Sequential Threads[/li][li]First mini-rant[/li][/ul]Catch Phrases
[li]Gotcha Ya[/li][li]Rio[/li][li]Hi Opal![/li][li]Once, in 1960, for twenty minutes… [/li][li]1920s style “death ray”[/li][/ul]News Events that shook the Board(for context)
[li]9/11[/li][li]Madrid - 3/11[/li][li]London - 7/7[/li][li]Bush v. Gore[/li][li]Bush v. Kerry[/li][li]Obama v. McCain[/li][li]Indian Ocean Tsunami [/li][li]Afghanistan invasion[/li][li]Iraq invasion [/li][li]Palin nomination[/li][/ul]

So … ten years of the Dope!

No catchphrase list would be complete without “penis ensues.”

The correct answer is “Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’”

Sadly, we can’t forget Hal Briston’s being sheep-pwned by his co-worker.

Sadly, I suspect many of the truly most memorable moments are ones that the powers that be would prefer to remain unremembered.

Bratman and his insane girlfriend(if she ever existed)




He who shall not be named :wink:

The nutbar who thought he was a spy.

The guy who made hundreds of socks and declared war on the dope.

Left Behind.

And the only link I’ll post is to the greatest meltdown IMO. FreakFreely. After the OP it kicks in at post #160 and goes into orbit at #228

Good times, and great entertainment.

The Grapist

Epic Dopefest recaps needed.


All with their various stories, rumors and scandals. Shit, those could bea book in itself.

And the saga of GettysDope, plus the tale of mudgirl receiving her Doper name.


The meltdown of Beryl Mooncalf (percipitated by yours truly, the only time I’ve had the pleasure)

What did you do, Bricker, and why did it give you so much pleasure?

Are the references to “Left Behind” refering to threads discussing the book series? Or did something else happen?

A stain on the board.

Another stain on the board,but the Grapist was fun.WM7 not at all.

I hit me recently when I was talking about how my youngest is about to turn 5 and I went to my last Dopefest right after I found out I was pregnant with him, and realized I’ve been here through two marriages, two divorces and two babies. I was mentioning this place versus some IRL friends and casually said “but I’ve known them longer” - and I meant you guys!

~ ShelliBean, aka Rez, aka ellykat; September 2000 and a lurker before that.

There is also

‘I’m burning your dog’
‘Little Hitlet’ and ‘Would you shoot your child?’ (Kal)
‘I am the fucking hall monitor’ - Memorable Quote from manhattan (when he was a mod)
The cooler in the backyard

Beryl_Mooncalf flames out in spectacular fashion.

Someone started a thread pointing to the silliness on the Left Behind board. Some went over there. A Board War started with us over there and them over here. It was the genesis of the don’t bring other board stuff here rule.

I’m surprised he annoyed you so much given his last appearance on the board was five years before you signed up.

The Horror of Blimps.

How about Manny Peoples?

And IDigBadBoys…whatever happened to her?