Remembering 'Gotcha Ya'

I was thinking about the old days of the SDMB. Memes and such. Every time I see the word “gotcha” I think of gotcha ya.

Remember Opal? Sweet, polarizing Opal and her 2 line non-lists?

Anybody want to walk down memory lane? Are there enough old timers left?

Do you remember a post about analingus and golden retrievers… who was that?

This is not meant to turn into a thread bashing long gone members, be respectful.

I cannot forget the tale of the prehensile anus.

Dopers are burning dogs in World of Warcraft.

During the Winter of Our Missed Content, I got the notion to create a SDMB-themed table in Visual Pinball. Got as far as naming one ramp “driveway”, another ramp “parkway”, and “gotcha ya” for the ball drain then realized that I don’t have the talent or patience required for an entire table.

And yet you chose to bash opal in your second sentence…

We had an employee who, multiple times, covered the bathroom walls with shit. Like, I understand that maybe he had something going on (he’d usually leave right afterwards), but how did he get it everywhere? I always thought of that thread when it happened.

And, who can forget The Horror of Blimps. I think that’s been immortalized in other places around the web.
[Checks], yup, it’s on plenty of other boards as well. Some of them seemed to claim the story as their own, no idea if those posters were Scylla as well.
Speaking of which, I had it in my head that that was a Master Wang-Ka thread…so there’s another memory, the Master Wang-Ka stories. I seem to recall one about setting his kitchen on fire.

And was it on this board that someone posted about a, um, dirty hotel hot tub or did I read that somewhere else?
And Masturbating like a motherfuck.

Finger painting?

Yes, I have encountered the results of this in a public stall.

“Rio,” by Duran Duran.

1920s-Style Death Rays.

And who was it that came up with, “Penis ensues”?

Pan-fried semen!

And, would you shoot your child if they were pinned in a burning car?

For the last 5 years “GotchaYa” has been my default way of saying, “I understand.”

No one seems to think it’s a strange expression or pronunciation.

I remember all of this. But only Opal will get my recognition.

God I hope not, that’s somehow worse than any other way I could have imagined it happening.

I certainly did not read it that way. I believe Opalcat would have approved.

…oldscratch, wasn’t it?

I remember Yer Pal,

(Satan, of course)

This thread eats stupid food for breakfast.

If I recall it was 1920s-Style “Death Rays” and the quotes are important.

IIRC, “penis ensues” was olivesmarch4th, now known as @Spice_Weasel.

We used to use “when come back bring pie” to mean all sorts of things, but I don’t think that was unique to us.

There were the welcome threads with Mariah the Squid and the nameless Goat.

You’re damn right there was diarrhea in the jacuzzi. I live through that heinous trauma, I’m sure as shit not letting some other board get all the credit!

I see what you did there.

I think it was someone else, but I can’t find the origin via my phone.