Gothic Horror Party Food Recipes

A friend of mine will be having a 40th birthday party soon. He is looking for suitable drink and buffet food to go along with the gothic horror theme of the event. Any suggestions?

I don’t know about Gothic horror, but I have a Klingon cookbook(for when you have a few surplus slaves/prisoners around). It has directions for blood wine, one of which is black. Will that do?

Get a brain mold!

Really realistic.

I’m sure DanielWithrow will be along shortly with suggestions. His brother is tres Goth and throws great parties. At his St. Valentine’s Day Massacre party, all the drinks were served with a little chip of dry ice in them, which made them smoke and bubble in a very mad-scientist’s-laboratory way.

Baker: blood wine sounds promising.
DeVena: hmmm… yummy.

More please…

Graveyard cake? You know, green frosting with fresh graves of crumbled Oreos, Nilla Wafer headstones.

We make ‘gothtails’ at our monthly gig.
Will post recipes as I get them for you

You might cook. then wire together, a sizable collection of cooked meats into the shape of a human body, and serve that. Using chicken wings for fingers, spareribs for ribs, spiral-cut hams (with bone) for thighs, etc. I’d reccomend using a watermelon for the “head,” and filling it with a dessert of your choice. You could use the “chest cavity” to hold dips, sauces, etc.

For drinks, I’d suggest Absinthe (Or the legal version, “Absente”), and maybe some of the Beer that was brewed from yeast found in an Ancient Egyptian Tomb. The “Odd Liquors” thread probably has a few useful suggestions, too.

…Oh, and The Bone Room sells a few types of candies containing insects. As well as human and animal bones, but you can’t eat those. Unless you make soup.
(“What I want to know is…how do they get all the skeletons with perfect teeth?”)

Penn & Teller did a recipe for a heart-shaped Jello mold that bleeds when you cut it. Might be worth looking into.

Penn and Teller also have a recipe for a perfectly edible cake that drips blood in How to Play With Your Food .

I had a cannibal party a few years ago that was successful. It’s very easy to make meatloaf look like cooked body parts (called “Pete Loaf”). One of the guests brought a big bag of chips and a cheap baby doll. At dinner time he broke the head off the doll- the head was filled with guacamole and the body with salsa.

Great ideas!

For Hallowe’en a few years ago, my brother the goth bought the wonderful Martha Stewart Does Hallowe’en issue (or something like that). It had all sorts of cool stuff in it, including:

  • Eyeball Highballs: Get an ice cube tray that makes round cubes. Get a bunch of black olives and radishes. Mostly peel the radishes, leaving a few streaks of skin to simulate veins. Core each radish and stuff with an olive, simulating the iris. (You can also use a pimiento-stuffed green olive for a different effect). Put a radish in each slot in the ice cube tray, fill with water, and freeze. The end result looks eerily like a frozen eyeball, and is great in savory mixed drinks.
    *Lady’s Fingers: Get some of those breadsticks-in-a-tube from the refrigerated dough section. Get some dried rosemary, some slivered almonds, and some red food coloring. Choose fingernail-shaped almonds and dip them in food coloring to “paint” them scarlet. Shape the breadstick dough into finger-sized shapes. Decorate with rosemary for the hair on the first knuckle and almonds for the fingernail. Bake.

At my brother’s last party, he took the passage from revelations about the seven plagues (the moon turns red as blood, the sky goes black, the stars fall from the sky, etc.) and associated drinks with each verse (cranberry juice and vodka for the red moon, rum and coke for the black sky, etc.) It was very cute.

Blood oranges are cool – if you’ve never sliced one open, you’re in for a treat.


I want to give credit where credit is due, but I don’t remember the name of the fan organization that I bought this booklet from. However, I can state I bought it at a con named Thundercon, in Oklahoma City, in '98 or '99. It is titled “The Unofficial Intergalactic Cookbook” and has the picture of a Klingon on the cover, wearing a chef’s hat and brandishing an ax and an electric beater. “If you have grown tired of the same old slaves and need an excuse to order new ones, we have a great tasting solution to you problem! For those who are sick of bodies from your last battle cluttering up you ship, we offer an exciting new alternative in recylcling.

Rotting Qagh

Long pasta noodles
Dark beef broth
Liquid smoke
Stew meat
Worcestershire sauce
Garlic powder
Black food coloring

Blend all liquid ingredients together until a black color. Add pasta and slow boil until cooked and a dark color. Brown stew meat in garlic powder and Worcestershire. Drain pasta and toss in meat(add more coloring if needed)

Bleeding Qagh

Long pasta noodles
Chunks of stewed tomatoes
Dark red spaghetti sauce
Blobs of ground beef
Red food coloring

Brown meat with food coloring. Cook pasta according to directions. Drain pasta and place in large bowl. Add chunks of discocored meat and tomatoes and toss. Alternate layers of pasta mix and sauce over plates.

Klingon Blood Wine-Version #2

Red or dark red Kool Aid
Red food cocoring
Clear or red soda

Mix Kool Aid as directed, but decrease water slightly. Add equal part of soda. Add red food coloring until desired degree of redness is achieved. (One may add alcohol, in the form of rum or vodka, to the above beverage, but I would never suggest this on such a fine, upstanding board as the Straight Dope)

There are more recipes, such as Romulan Ale(it’s blue!), Fried Ferengi Ears, Sliced Andorian, Tribbles 'N Bits, Deanna Deluxe Cake, etc. They are all standard human foods, just combined or colored a bit oddly.

If any member of the group in OKC that sold me this thing sees this, I sure would love to hear from you! I hope you don’t mind my posting.

Great! Any more?

Here is a cake decorating site with plenty of stuff. Check out the Halloween section and consider that you could ‘gothify’ any of the other cakes. Heart shaped pans could be more goth than valentine and a goth Barbie cake would be cool.

Just in time for the OP’s friend’s 54 Bday party!