I recieved this E-mail message through my school account, from another student and adressed to everyone on the system…

So… what’s up with this? I mean, I’m gonna kill the kid anyway for sending spam through C-mail, but what’s with the site he describes?

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I joined gotoworld along with a couple of my friends when it first came out. I spent my 40 hours and had many many many people working under me, all of whom did at least 10. I and all my friends have yet to recieve money from them. Apparently cnet did some kind of rating and said gotoworld and alladvantage are the only sites like that who pay, but like I said, I’ve yet to get my big check in the mail. However, I know for a fact that pays. my friend just cashed a $112 check he got from them a while back. Hope this helps

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My sister joined it. She never got a check, either.