Testing how this site works.

I’m totally gonna contribute this world via online!
Anyone with me? Get on board. Set Sail for Better world.


If it’s spam, I have no idea what it’s for.

It’s always about Amway.

Was there a link? Because some of us might WANT to Set Sail for Better world.

ETA : He has an interesting profile…


Could be another bot seeing how active we are. Kinda doubt that given how Google only can find those exact words here.

That is my doingness too!

Says the obvious spammer who’s been waiting for over a decade for the opportune time to post some spam. :smiley:

Precious gems. He’ll throw in shipping to your village, for free!
[small]That thread is really hard to find via search[/small]

Setting sail for MPSIMS from ATMB.

Not sure if it’s a Better World, but it’s different.

I dunno, harkley’s other two posts seem legit. It’s a very weird OP.