Gotta bitch. Why do people only respond to the last item in an email?

This is a very mild rant, but boy it pisses me off.

I used to send emails that looked like normal letters. Paragraph after paragraph of chatty text. Buried in the paragraphs were questions or issues the recipient had to deal with. But 90% of the time the reply would only concern itself with the last item.

Okay, I said. So I numbered all the issues. Say I had 4 issues/questions, I would number the paragraphs 1 through 4. Still, most of the replies deal only with #4.

Now I’ve reached the point where I put an inventory of issues in the headline (like, “Superbowl Party: guest list/ need M’s phone #/ no kids”). STILL, they fixate on the last item only!

What the fuck is wrong with people? Are attention spans really that short? Geez-us.

I’m done.

Done? Did I miss something earlier?

Oh I totally have to agree with Stuyguy on this one.

Also, if you send more than one email before the recipient gets chance to reply, only the last one you sent gets any replies.


I say kill 'em all and put their heads on dirty big sticks. Or do I?..

Kill who?

Thanks for your post about attention spans, stuyguy. I really do think they’re getting shorter. Oooh, what’s that shiny think over …

Now I can’t get rid of the thought of Gene Kelly singing, “Broadway rhythm’s got me everybody BITCH!”

Wait, why are you reporting the post to a moderator?

Well, at least the NO KIDS part would be observed (or at least noticed), and thank god for it!

You should make your e-mails more entertaining…
Since everyone you send mail to seems pretty slow… maybe you should # your questions…
and say…

"when you respond to this e-mail… if you respond to all of the questions… Bill Gates will send you $1 for every question answered… "

I’m 100% with you on this. In fact, I was just ranting to a friend about this habit a few days ago. I dislike it when I ask questions throughout e-mail and only the last question is answered. I’m not asking for my fucking health here, people. I’m asking because I want to know the goddamn answer. Fucking lazy ass e-mailers.



Man, I couldn’t agree MORE! This drives me absolutely bonkers. I will immediately reply and tell them they didn’t answer all of my questions. And then list the ones they didn’t answer. (Then I get an e-mail that only answers that last one…so I send *another e-mail…) Ok, not really. But I have been known to e-stalk people until they answer the dang questions!

:head exploding:

I guess you should make sure that the last item is the most important.

something that annoys me is when people ask ten thousand questions in an e-mail and I don’t really want to answer the e-mail at all. so I sort of half heartedly respond to the end of the letter. because its really annoying if you see a person before you get a chance to answer their e-mail.

Eve, I hold you fully responsible for the two hours I will lose tonight by rewatching Singin’ In The Rain.


Unfortunately, some people are not capable of communicating using the written medium.

Maybe your questions are too lackadaisical in content and style. Try using all capital letters and framing things in dire terms. “TELL ME WHAT THE BUDGET ESTIMATE IS OR I’M GOING TO JAM AN UNSHARPENED PENCIL UP YOUR NOSE BUSINESS END FIRST UNTIL I CAN’T SEE THE ERASER ANYMORE.”

Sorry, the problem I see is that most people only reply to the first item in an email.

They never even read the last item.

What was the middle thing?
Non-obligatory Fish Called Wanda reference

I have exactly the same problem! However, it isn’t always the last item. I’ve started sending multiple emails with one item per email and repeated/summarized in the subject line.

It’s especially irritating when it’s a client.

I WANT IT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. Oh wait, you emailed me some questions…I’ll take a day or two to respond. DON’T GET PUSHY WITH ME. I’M THE CLIENT! I’LL ANSWER WHEN I’M DAMN GOOD AND READY. WHY DON’T YOU HAVE THAT DONE YET? I WANT IT NOW NOW NOW! What do you mean you need more info? I answered your email dammit!! You mean there was 4 questions and I answered one? YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE IT MORE CLEAR! I’m going to be unavailable for a few hours. HURRY! HURRY! I need this for a meeting tomorrow. Oh, I guess I’ll answer your question… (one out of the three remaining).


One of our big clients is aptly described by the above :frowning: