Government-sanctioned rape?


What are your thoughts on the underlying subject?

That you shouldn’t just post a youtube link and say “Discuss”. You go first.

A state-elected official is using up official time in the Virginia House of Delegates to mock complaints about a mandated trans-vaginal ultrasound in telling an anecdote about it cock-blocking him, i.e. his wife was no longer in the mood after hearing talk about how women were being oppressed by this guy’s legislative efforts.

Now, if the voters in his district would similarly reject him…

I think he was pretty funny. I don’t know who he was asking an apology of. It should have been whoever talked this fool into voting for that stupid law. If he was talking to the opposition, I hope he will be one of the many Republicans who get the boot soon. Nothing is hurting the Republican party more than letting it’s representatives speak in public.

That posting videos of dumb jokes by legislators under misleading thread titles are not pertinent in Great Debates.