Idiot Georgia Republican (yeah, I know...)

**My GOD!**

In a nutshell, Republican Georgia Senator Don Thomas (a doctor by education - and don’t you know the alumni association is just bursting with pride) took the well at the Georgia Capitol and stated, (ahem)…

…it is rare for a rape victim to get pregnant, since her body is not naturally prepared for sex…

And to put too fine a point on it, when told he must have loosened a cog in the hamster wheel, his office replied (ahem)…

The senator says he stands by his remarks.

WTF?!? and I repeat WTF?!?!?

And people wonder why republicans can’t seem to handle a bit of success? Just go ahead and give the Senate back to the democrats you backwoods hillbilly! God Jebus! Holy Fuck! When can we take take back the Grand Ol’ Party from the black-women-gay hating troglodytes?!?!?

…carry on

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This guy is a doctor? What an ignorant, hillbilly :wally

Your OP is redundant BTW.

I meant your thread title is redundant, not your OP. Way to step on my own joke. :smack:

There is a basis for his remark-- the female orgasm does serve to draw semen up into the cervical canal and uterus, facillitating conception. Other factors aside, simultaneous orgasm is a real help.

That being said. the context, spirit, and intention of his statement is, of course, totally fuckwitted.

… but not totally surprising.

I meant the standing by the comment, not the making it.

Actually, the OP is redundant.

(Not that it doesn’t bear repeating.)

Georgian checking in…

I realize there are no fuckwitted politicians in BOSTON or MINNESOTA

(Diogenes and nogginhead)…

…but this guy really is a piece of work. However, he’s a lowly state senator, not a governor or a real senator or anything.
I agree, his comments are stupid and wrongheaded. I’ll take a bit of offense at the geographical slurs. Don’t make me bring up Mary Jo and the WWF.

Clearly you need to use more inflammatory words in your thread titles. Like “Republican”.

Stockton-- My favorite loser local poltician this decade is Tom Finneran, the speaker of the state House. He runs it the way the US House used to be run: on cronyism and without a voice for anyone but himself.


Thanks for the update - I shoulda put a smiley on there to say I wasn’t really actually pissed, but there are morons at every level of everyone’s bureaucracy in every state.

I think I got whooshed and you were talking about 'pubs and not Georgians…

If so, I’ll shut up and slink away.

Oh, this is the pit… Get stuffed!


While the Senator meantioned in the OP is an obvious idiot, that does not mean all Republicans are idiots.

For every stupid comment a Republican makes I can find a matching comment from the Dems. For example, from President Clinton “I did not have sexual relations wih that woman.”, or VP Gore “I helped to create the internet”. Both statements are proven lies.

It’s about time that us Americans face the truth that pols from both sides lie. We should also face the fact that many of these people have no clue about the issues they are trusted to deal with.

Regretably, I cannot think of a better way to run the US government than the system we have in place now.


Sidebar joke (re the old US House):

Henry Clay: I would rather be right than President!

Speaker of the House: The gentleman needn’t worry. He will never be either.

Hey, we have a proud tradition of great statemen like Hubert H Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Paul Wellstone and um…Jesse “The Body” Ventura… Ok, good point.

[skulking away]

Gore never said this. He said he took the lead in creating legislation which opened the way for the internet, and that was a true statement.

Clearly my colleague has forgotten (or never learned) how to search Medline.

From the abstract (in Am J Obstet Gynecol):

Not exactly rare. I don’t know what the pregnancy rate per non-rape sex act is–I know that 85% of women of rep. age will get pregnant in one year with sex every 2-3 days or so, but most of those happen early in the year, so you can’t really extrapolate from that. I’d be willing to say, however, that the chances are not more than 5% per episode of intercourse, at least not significantly.

Similarly, the incidence of anophony (aka Talking Out of One’s Ass) among idiotic legislators from Georgia does not appear to be a low as one might hope. All we can do is hope for a cure someday.

Dr. J

Oh bullshit.

First, get the quote right. He said “I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” Not “creating the legislation that created…” not “that helped create…” and what you said was a lie anyway, there’s no vote that Gore can point to that “created the internet” which was around long before Gore was a senator.

Yeah he weaselworded it, but Gore’s remarks were clearly an attempt to grab credit for the internet which is as ludicrous as saying that someone who, in 1980, stated that they liked paved roads “took the initiative in creating the” interstate highways system, (created 30 years earlier).

Hell, even Snopes thinks this “He created legislation” lie is bullshit:


Here’s Snopes on the Gore internet quote. Did Gore claim that he wrote a line of code? No. Did he say that he helped found ARPAnet? No. What he was trying to get across is that during his time in Congress he was a proponent of efforts to build “the internet” from what it was into what it would become through legislative acts. Republicans then almost instantly twisted the quote into the “I invented the Internet” bullshit that will never die. Judge Gore on what he actually said (see the above posted Snopes quote) not what Republican spin doctors churned out and a “liberal” media swallowed whole.

Weirdest hijack yet.

Here is a detailed article of what Gore said and exactly what he did in regards to the internet legislation.