Idiot Georgia Republican (yeah, I know...)

Gosh, I followed the link and Dr. Dingbat’s comments are no longer there. Instead we have this gem:

“(AP) An independent medical examiner for insurance companies is being accused of making inappropriate prostate and pelvic exams for his own sexual gratification.” :eek:
Oh, and thanks for subjecting me to a photo of Judge Judy without warning.

Just out of curiosity, what are the rates of women who get pregnant after sex?

I agree with you on every point, except both of your examples of lies from Democrats. In addition to the Gore stuff, I thinks it’s not been shown that intercourse between Clinton and Lewinski ever happened. Call all that other stuff ‘sexual relations’ if you like, but unbiased people can disagree about whether he lied. (Although of course he intended to mislead in that case, and lied in other cases.)

I dunno, when he goes on national TV and apologizes for lying, I think that’s pretty clear evidence that he lied…

Yes, all politicians make stupid statements, but these are not “matching comments.” For me, the main issue is not whether Clinton actually lied or what Gore actually said. For a politician to lie about his sexual activities or make a foolishly self-aggrandizing boast is not in the same class as Senator Thomas’s remark. The Senator is speaking on a topic of great public concern on which he is claiming to be an authority, and one on which he is in a position to make a difference in policy. His stupid statement–and the ignorance behind it–can impact on the lives and liberties of the people he represents in a way that Clinton’s or Gore’s would not.

Cynthia McKinney…come on down!! :wink:

Can I direct you to this comment in the OP?

bolding mine.

Would you agree that the OP sees him/herself as a Republican?

The Republicans. Party of Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

Things change, darn it.

Speaking as a Republican, I am embarassed by this idiocy.

Jesus Q. Christ in a Chicken Basket!

I offer a thread about a fruit loop politician and it gets turned into whether Al Gore invented the internet?!

Whoa…must’ve been a whopper of a bad OP.

By the way, I am a proud republican. I just don’t by into the wing of my party that absolutely seems to have this big chip on their collective shoulder about women (abortion, Augusta National), gays (Defense of Marriage Act) and blacks (the confederate flag, affirmative action).

What about just lowering taxes and decreasing the size of government? What about defending our borders? What about a strong national defense and a swift and sure system of criminal justice? Man, I miss that GOP.

Jebus, did I just hijack my own thread?

[Clinton]Speaking as a Democrat, I feel your pain.[/Clinton]:smiley:

Not for nothing, but… It wasn’t Berners-Lee, but… Somewhere, I don’t recall, it may have been Jerry Pournelle, one of the real inventors of the internet, the original programmers, was asked about the Al Gore quote. He thought about it, and said, yeah, that’s about right.
Poor Al. Burned to a crisp on a true statement about a pretty gutsy and very important thing he did.

Okay, let’s take it outside. Anybody who feels the need to mention Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Jesse Helms, or any other person identified solely for their position as a scumbag member of the party that you don’t like, start your own damn pit thread and leave this one alone!

Vint Cerf, one of the guys behind TCP/IP. He wrote a little piece on his perspective; googling should turn it up.

Back to the topic. It looks to me like a pro-lifer is trying to weasel out of providing a rape exception. I find it particularly reprensible that he should misrepresent science in order to do so.

NB, I was not calling Jerry one of the real inventors, I was saying I might have seen it on his site.

Found it!

Brief quote:

Al Gore’s Role in Founding the Internet

By Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf

Al Gore was the first political leader to recognize the importance of the Internet and to promote and support its development.