Governor General sez: Why not give the Stanley Cup to women's hockey this year?

I don’t usually follow sports, but this seems like a very cool idea:

Globe and Mail (subscription only; News-Googling “adrienne clarkson stanley cup” will get you in free):

What do you think? If the fellows can’t get their act together, why not have the women compete for it?

I have no real debate other than. NO!

Just talking about it seems blasphemous.

I’m agin’ it. Just seems to be a nod to political correctness and a way to grab some free publicity than “carrying on the great tradition of the cup.”

Maybe they should try to find their own tradition.

I think it’s a great idea! Lord Stanley never said anything about constraining the Cup to the NHL… and it would serve the NHL owners and players right for being such obstinate poopyheads.

I think it’s a great idea. It’s the perfect punishment for all the NHL owners and players who let their greed get in the way of the game. The Cup should go to the best professional team currently in competition.

If the women’s league gets it this time, I’ll bet the guys find a way to settle their differences next season. It’s either that, or hockey becomes the next sport where the women have more fans than the men.

Like beach volley-ball on ice?

I’m a little confused since I thought the NHL was the one who owned the trophy. That’s what I get for not being a hockey fan I guess. I say, why the hell not? If these women can actually manage to have a season then I see no reason not to give the trophy to the victors.


I was thinking tennis, personally-- but ice beach volleyball. Hmmm.

Hell, award the Stanley Cup to the women’s team and I might just tune in.

It’d have headlights.

Ah yes, but what decides the best professional team in competition. There are now NHL players playing in Europe and on minor league teams on this continent. The womens teams may be professional, but it is not a given that they would be the “best team.”

And being pissed off at the owners and players is no reason to go flipping around the tradition of the Stanley Cup.

They’re already screwing with tradition by not having a season! What, letting the Cup sit around unawarded for a year is better? Let the women play for it.

Personally I don’t like the idea of giving it to the Women’s “league”, but I do like the idea of awarding it in another way. Perhaps to the winner of the World Cup?

Yes, MGibson the NHL *does *own the trophy, (and they won’t be passing it around any time soon I gurantee you that).

The cup was originally a ‘challenge cup’ where any organized team could challenge the current champions for the cup at any time and not originally the annual championship of any one league, so the basic concept isn’t out of left field though.

It’s somewhat preposterous to demand the NHL give up its property to be awarded to some other team, irrespective of the persistent myth that the NHL doesn’t own the Stanley Cup. I’m as disgusted by the NHL as anyone - in another thread I advocated its destruction - but it’s their trophy.