GQ humo(u)r

For those of you who don’t travel over to General Questions often, here’s something I found quite amusing. I hope you will too. The quick exchange between ChiefScott and funneefarmer is brilliant.

Once again, UncleBeer’s sense of humor calls itself into question.

Too, too funny! Thanks, UncleBeer for the laugh. Seems I’ve been missing a lot on the boards while I’ve been ahem occupied. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I think we can conclude that, at least part of the time, ChiefScott is off his rocker. Of course, that’s hardly a bad thing.

I find all things groinal to be amusing and humorous. Keep 'em coming, keep 'em coming.

Tarzan calls, leather, animals, and S&M, I’m definitely giving the wrong impression here. I’m just your ordinary hick, umm no that’s much worse. Okay I’ll admit to the M part of the S&M and the Tarzan calls and the leather dainties (though it’s tough to find my size) but I’m denying the animal fetish.

Hey-up! mmmmm

Hey-Up ooohhhh!

Hey-Up!!! oh god!

HEYYYYY-UP!!! Errr, I have to go now.

It works!