Chief Scott the homophobe

OK, Chief Scott I am taking the bait that you continually flaunt towards me. I know that you don’t like gay people. You continually reference me in particular. Why? Do you have the hots for me? I don’t date ignorant people. I am not a rapist as you implied in an earlier topic when you said, “…bends over to take a bow…then nervously looks around to make sure SqrlCub is not here…” nor am I some type of malingnant tumor that you implied when you told Kellibelli, “Uh, oh, kelli –
Sqrlcub’s gonna be gunnin’ for you now.” If you know anything about Kelli, this would not impress her. If I may speak for her, she thinks ignorance is an abomination upon the planet that you are continually trying to perpetuate.

If you are going to spew your hickoid beliefs towards me join the military. Oh wait you already did. Well then go to some foriegn war that nobody cares about take out your gun and go play on enemy lines. Keep your flatulant, ignorant mouth shut when speaking of others sexuality. Ignorance is not an attractive trait in anyone. The more ignorant someone is the more attractive that person becomes. This would give you all the appeal of a crack-addict, transvestite, whore down on the West Side Highway in New York City. If you have never been there, trust me, it’s bad.

Where were you raised afterall. Hate is not a family value no matter what conservatives seem to believe. I know that you don’t like gay people. I did not ask you to like us. Nor did I ask to be gay. It is considerably more difficult to be gay with bigots like you lying around. I bet you and your buddies were the ones responsible for the rape of the 11 year old Phillipino girl several years ago. And if you were not involved with that specific incident, then I am sure that you were privvy to other similar situations.

Being a bigot is a type of disease. There are cures out there for you. The number one cure is education. There is not a cure for being gay. Being gay is not a disease nor does being gay equate me to a child molester. If you knew anything about me you would know that I like intelligent, older, heavier, hairy men. Not only does this put you out of the running on all accounts (I assume that you are thin since you are in the military, otherwise you would be on the fat boy program) it also means I would not even consider trying to pick you up. There are way too many gay people who fall into my definition of attractive who are genuinely nice people for me to ever consider going after a straight man.

Now, you worthless flatulant flinger of hillbilly ejaculate spawned from the putrescence of his mother’s stillborn human caviar, piss off, go home, and never use your hate and call it a “family value”. With all that said and done I should add that you are also a “poopoo head”. (from my niece when she was 3)


Join the military. Travel to far off places, meet strange and exotic people different from you, and kill them.

What an enlightening post Sqrlcub. I didnt even realize your sex, let alone your orientation, now that I do know…shrugs cool.

If Scott meant his comment to me to be an insult to gay folks, then yes you may speak for me in tha I do find such comments ignorant.

But in Scott’s defense, he has emailed me some dirty pics of him and 4 other military men in a big love-in…if you know what I mean ;), so he couldnt possibly be a homophobe…he must have been teasing you …(maybe he likes you!
aewlrkh ae
Oh, fell off m’chair, laughing!
I bet Scotty is gonna be maaa-aad!
(the above comments about the pictures are ficticous, only for comedic value, there is no truth to them WHATSOEVER!)

Sqrl, I am HIGHLY offended.

The whores on the West Side Highway aren’t all THAT bad.


LOL, thanks UKE and Kelli. I was just down in NYC and went to the Lure with several friends. The prostitutes that I saw there were pretty nasty, although some of the DC prostitutes are just as bad.

Thanks again.

Gee, Sqrl, the quotes you cite are pretty tame. Little sensitive are we? I won’t presume to speak for the Chief, but I never perceived him as gay-bashing. I read it a simple gay jokes, and you are an out regular and thus used to personify them, much the same way ARG was used to personify fundies or C#3 is used to personify, um, well, never mind.

Can we not make gay jokes? Or female jokes? Or blond jokes? Does humor = bashing? I don’t know, I’m sincerly asking here. I will say that I can tell a difference between a good natured joke and a mean spirited insult. I never perceived that ChiefScott was singling you, or other gays, out for special attention. Of course, I never paid it much attention.

Also, I always thought they LIKED gays in the Navy. Hello, sailor!

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

Navy Humor:

Sailor 1: Johnson’s a queer!

Sailor 2: How do you know?

Sailor 1: His dick tastes like shit

Well, Mr.Thin Skin, you may think your little joke is funny, ha ha.

I, on the other hand, find it hilarious.

If you can’t laugh at yourself,
make fun of other people.

Boy… I had your number wrong Squirrel Guy! No I didn’t mean to offend – let me explain.

By reading your posts, I know you are comfortable with your sexual orientation. I have a brother who, like you, is gay and very comfortable with himself.

I apologize for treating you the same way I treat my brother. He loves the gentle gibes we give each other.

Earlier this year, I took him on a tour of the ship. He was all, “Boy, Scott, you’re lucky. Look at that guy! Look at that guy! Whoo-oo, I’m a kid in a candy shop!!”

The only reason I pointed you out was I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

Can we kiss and make up??

Oh, sorry. I shouldn’t ask, you shouldn’t tell. I’ll cool it in the future kid.

By the way, nice flame!

::beating my ass to stop the smoldering::

Fuck, that was funny!
Scott, you are a good sport, sorry I blabbed about the pictures :wink:

Pictures? You have pictures?

Name a price, Kelli.

If you can’t laugh at yourself,
make fun of other people.


Don’t forget what I have in the safety deposit box!!

I will shut up now.

Thank you Chief Scott.

It makes a big difference when you hear the intentions of a post. I was in a crappy mood when I posted yesterday. I feel better now. :slight_smile:

And for the kissing and making up.

“I give you a big, fat kiss on your girly bottom.” Vyvian from the Young Ones.


These posts should in no way be misconstrued as flirting.

As proud a gay man SC is, I am just as proud to be a straight man. My girlfriend appreciates this too.

Holy Moses, get this thread out of the Pit! My toes are curling from all the love in the room!

Seriously, though, guys, don’t y’all love a happy ending? Group hug! Group hug!


(leering) Can I be in the middle???

[I WAS gonna type “–Uke, edging closer to kellibelli” as my sig line in the above post, but didn’t want to offend SqrlCub or ChiefScott.]

My tirades shall be reserved for Mister Rogers, Paladork, and brithael.

And you have to admit I kinda defused the intended anger of the thread’s topic.

So screw shit Ike.

::stepping slowly away from thread::


Cute one wally!

Hey if you find mr rogers annoying, I invite you to drop by my thread in the pit on that very subject…