Grad School Self-Congratulations

I want to brag to anonymous people that I managed to pull an A in my Operations class. Why is that worth bragging over?

I was expecting Ops to be my worst class of my entire MBA schooling. Being in IT I’m use to being ‘back of the house’ so to speak and don’t have much direct experience. Moreover, I’m far more interested in finance, accounting, and people centered stuff like organizational behavior and change management. I was expecting a B in this class, maybe a B+ if I worked hard at it. The class is also 4.5 credit hours.

Further, the instructor is new to our program and was possibly one of the most disorganized individuals I’ve ever met, and definitely the most disorganized I’ve ever had as an instructor. There were constant changes to the syllabus, his expectations weren’t clearly communicated, and he generally behaved in class like a meth-addicted ferret in a room full of disco-balls - jumping from subject to subject. Enthusiastic and willing to engage one-on-one, yes. But not focused or organized. The final was an enormous project consisting of about 25 pages of materials and two stochastic models.

So, to pull out an A, and to have actually learned a fair amount more than I expected pleases me. And I wanted to brag about it. I earned an A- in my other two classes for the semester, giving me a cumulative GPA after 4 semesters of a 7.04 (on a 9 point scale). Not earth-shaking awesome, but pretty damn good for someone working full-time.