Brag about your good grades for this semester!

Okay so I’m just gloating. I got a 96 on a final today and it secured my A for that class, and I’m predicting at least a B in all my other classes, so dammit I’m proud of me!

Please share!

99 on my math final. Absolutely amazing to me since all thru highschool I sucked at math. Heres on asain that isnt good at math. In my algebra class in highschool i received to F’s and got bumped down to informal alegabra/geometry where I promptly got two D’s. Out of 35 students in that class i was 33. And the other 2 guys never came to class.

Can we discuss my first two semester…I had a 4.00 back then :wink:

This semester, I’ll get an A in anatomy, american lit, and B’s in everything else

As of today I have 12 hours of college credit. All of our grades are expressed as letters and I got:

A - U.S. History to 1865
A - Music Appreciation
B - College Algebra
A - Intro. to Psychology
Math sucks! :mad:

Give me a math class over a regurgitation class any day. I hate classes that are all memorization

Cop class: B (confirmed)
Criminal Justice: B (highly likely)
Legal research & writing: A (better be an A)
Spanish: B (probably, if not then a C and I DONT CARE)
History: B (probably)

astronomy A+
history A
sociology A
philosophy A-
archaelogy A-

not bad for someone who has been out of school for 10 years! :slight_smile:

Good job everyone! Since final projects aren’t yet done, grades won’t post here for a while. I’m guessing it’ll go something like this:

Poli Sci: BA
ED - Content Literacy: BA
ED - Methods & Theories: BA
Multicultural Lit: BA

so, a 3.5 for the semester… I’m so far the dumbest person to post in this thread!

wtf? why is everyone so damn smart!
Worse semester ever…
previous semesters were t3h l337 (A’s and B’s…mostly B+'s tho)
This semester…1 A, 2 C+'s prolly, 1 B+ and something that will be a painful humiliation :frowning:

Next semester, all bullshit classes…gonna git me some A’s!

One final to go, but it’s German so it will be no problem.

German 1 A
Engl 50 Creative Writing A
Hist 497B Comparative Revolutions A
Hist 442 Early American Republic B+ - A- (She better like my term paper!)

so looks like either a 3.85 or a 3.92 this semester!

So far, I’m predicting A’s in psych, world history, and intro to mass communications. I’m probably going to get a B in sociology.

At least I don’t have to take sociology again.


I just got my MBA in 3 semesters(54 hours completed), and made a 3.57 GPA in the process. (2 3.75 GPA semesters and 1 3.35).

I took one course, non-credit, audit status. I passed!!!

Congrats to all you real students out there. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Finals are subject to change these things, but here are my guesses:

Microbiology: A, almost guaranteed.
Organic Chemistry: High B/Low A
Mechanics: B
Physics: B (I hope :()

<bumping my own thread, hehe>

I’ve received 3 more grades! A, B and B+. So far my gpa is 3.5 and I’m very very happy. ;j

Intro to Math Physics - C
Intermediate Mechanics - B
Advanced Lab - A
Digital Logic - C
Thermodynamics - B
Data Structures (C++) - C

This was my worst semester yet. Of course, next semester might beat it, but I’m hoping not.

Got my grades today. Straight B’s.

I don’t know what my grades are this semester (should be all A’s and B’s), but I just got accepted to Wabash College today, so I’m feeling good about my academics.

Well that’s nothing to sneeze at Jim! Mazel tov!

My grades sucked big time, I barely passed a couple. But I got an internship, so I mostly don’t care!

(Yes, I am envious)