Brag about your good grades for this semester - again!

Again because I did this thread at the end of last semester, too. I’m just very happy because I got an A in one class, found out I got a 90 on a paper I thought I bombed and that increases my chance of an A- in that class, and I got my internship for next year! YAY!

Come! Kvell! Gloat!

We still have 5 weeks, but right now I have all A’s except for two B’s.

All my grades were finally posted as of this morning - although I knew what I was getting in all three classes.

There ya go.

Oh, and I graduated. So I have a master’s now. The job comes next. :slight_smile:

One of our courses doesn’t have an exam. In exchange for that you have to do forty hours’ work in a placement in a church or a nursing home or something. You also have to do 5000 words’ worth of work, which I handed in last week, after writing the whole lot overnight.

Three big fat greasy 'A’s. Count 'em. Feel their slimy beauty.

I am not a student, but today I finally got a test at work to pass with 99.8% accuracy after a week of struggling with it. Now I just have to pull it off again on Thursday and everything will be perfect (and I feel confident that I CAN pull it off!)

Well, I didn’t get straight A’s this semester, but I do have this for a “Weather and Climate” class, referring to my grade (from an e-mail from the professor):

This is brag-worthy but also hilarious to me because a couple friends and I always joke about writing the best paper or getting the best grade (or whatever) “in the history of Ohio Wesleyan.” Well this time it’s for real!

I already knew my grade for Dev. Psych. - A.

What I did not know until tonight is that I got an A in Human A&P I, also.

Now I can finally quit retaking the class and apply to nursing school! :cool:


My average for the 5 courses was 91.8%
Best ever!!!

OK, what the hell. I don’t have any official grades back yet, but I did get a paer for clas returned with an A, which means an almost certain A in the class, which means when I graduate next year (having completed all my course work by the end of this summer) there is an excelent chance that it will be summa cum laude. Yay me!

(What it means to your theories of theodicy that I’ve accomplised this at a theological seminary during a period in which I effectively renounced my faith is beyond even me. But I assume if I was wrong, I’m really gonna burn.)

Well, on Monday I got my paper for philosophy back (I suppose I could’ve picked up a few weeks ago, just wasn’t very interested), and I got a 20/20 on it. I thought for sure I’d get a D or something on it. I also turned it in 3 days late, and didn’t get any penalty for it (should have been -2 points). I love the philosophy department here.

I won’t mention what the rest of my grades look like though. I’m obviously in the wrong company for that…

I don’t have my official grades yet, but I know I got a B in math. That doesn’t make me very happy. I got 2 Bs and 2 As on the exams, but dropped the ball during the final and ended up with a B. I should be happy with that since I struggle with math, but I really wanted an A. I have no idea, not even a clue, on what my English grade will be, the professor allowed us to do revisions and stuff until last week so I still have 4 major things being graded. I am pretty sure I have As in two other classes, and in my last class I was sitting on the A/B line. I’ll have to wait and see how the final went, I guess. Finals were hard. My brain did OK for the first hour (most were two hour tests), but after an hour I couldn’t concetrate anymore. I need to manage my time better, I feel I should have studied more for finals.

Well, I finished up my first semester of graduate school (a bit over two weeks ago) with:

The B+ was in a class that I had little background in… but the class was well worth it.

<< Procrastinators go to hell, but not right away. >>

A little disappointing, but oh well.

Teaching Writing in a Secondary Classroom: A

Teaching Literature in a Secondary Classroom: B

School and Society: A

American Political Theory: B

The theory class really gets me. I thought I kicked ass on the final, but I apparently thought wrong.

I got all 2.1s and 2.2s.

(I prefer the system of A,B,C etc. But nooooooooo, they have to give us numbers.)

My grades are loading as we speak and my heart is in my throat. I had forgotten to get my grades online before I saw this thread so you guys are seeing them with me.

This has been a very bad semester, my worst yet.


Oh. My. Goodness.

Somehow, by the grace of God Himself (yes, this IS the Lord’s doing), I got an A in Spanish.

An A.

You gotta understand. I was sitting here praying that I got a C. I really did think I had ventured into “D” territory.

Ok so here we go:

Law Class #1: B
Law Class #2: C
English: B
Weightlifting: A
Social Psych: B
Spanish: A

I am stunned. Absolutely stunned. I was thinking I’d be lucky to get a 2.5 this semester and I ended up with a 3.06.

I’m going to go cry with relief now.

Advanced issues in Syntax: A
Advanced issues in Phonology: A
The Rise of the Novel: A

GPA for my Master of Arts: 4.0

All A’s this semester, and I graduated last weekend summa cum laude, with my 4.0 intact.

We’ll see what happens next year in grad school, but it would be nice to keep the streak intact…

Not mine, but my daughter’s, and not exactly grades, but still bragworthy, I think. She got a 32 on her ACT in early April, and she just got a letter from her counselor telling her she’s the only student in her school who scored high enough on the PSAT last fall to qualify for the next step of the National Merit Scholarship. She’s excited to have done that well, whether it leads to anything more or not.

At least it might earn her a free parking space at school next year.


(Band, oral comm, german iv, amc, ap lit, french iii)

Oh yeah? 34 ACT! (but I did… um not too well on the PSAT.)

All my classes are done with the old 3.9X still intact. Now if I just can finish my damn thesis, and present it I will be the



Now to work on the thesis for a couple hours…

Well maybe after reading another thread or 90 first…
and maybe some sleep and food…
Oh, and the house can really use a cleaning…
Speaking of cleaning my car needs it to…
Plus there’s that server I’ve been meaning to rebuild…