Brag about your good grades for this semester!

I have a philo exam in 7 hours. I need exactly 45.5 points (out of 100) on said exam to secure a 90.0. I think I secured a high B in history and a B-like grade in Art History. No idea what my english grade will be.

I’ve got all As and A-s so far, which is AOK - I need no less than an A- to go on to the PhD.


Although, I still haven’t finished any of my term papers.

Being at an Australian University and not an American school or college, I am not sure what the grade equivalents are, but I got a 7 (high distinction) and a 6 (distinction) ( I guess that might translate to an A and a B? or something similar) The highest and 2nd highest possible anyway. Not bad for an old lady in an honours class even if I say so myself :smiley:

I had to go back to part time this year with problems with my offspring putting a a lot of stress on things. I tell you part time is a joy with only half the stress.

Final grades won’t be posted until Christmas Eve, but I have A’s in my psych and bio classes for sure. I’m pretty sure I got an A in my honors core class too, though I won’t really know until my thesis paper’s graded. I’m pretty confident on that too, though.

My health class, on the other hand…my final was a nightmare. I’m hoping for a B, but a C won’t traumatize me too much. My prof had absolutely no idea what he was talking about for the most part…and if anybody ever did need a recap on the wonders of science, western medicine, and skepticism, it would be him. But I don’t have to deal with him any more, so I can go back to my general state of not wanting to kick puppies and Buddhist monks and chop down trees with uber-polluting chainsaws whilst chowing down on Big Macs and large milkshakes after class. It’s a nice feeling.

Also being at an Australian university, and noting that our system bears no resemblance at all to that of auliya, I’ll just give percentages…

Mathematical Logic (I was missing two prereqs!) - 76%
Software Design and Development - 89%
Logic and Computation - 92%
Mathematical Methods - Withdraw, upon discovering that I (a) didn’t need it, and (b) was going to do really badly.

So yeah, computer science average is high enough to apply for a masters now, which is all good.

~ Isaac

A- in Multivariable calc w00tw00t! The professor laughed at me when I told him I was expecting a C since I absolutely failed the final, but so did everyone else, so the curve saved my butt.

I don’t know about the rest of my courses but I definitely am doing better that I thought I would do here. I’m going to go back to my high school and thank my teachers for the wonderful preparation.

B+ in the nightmare class with the professor who, it turned out, can’t teach.

A in the class I was repeatedly told that no one gets an A in (well, I was told that by my friends).

A in the class I expected to get an A in.
Generally a good semester - I was a little disappointed in the B+, but I got over it - at least that horrid class is done and I never have to take another class from that woman again.

Well, my grades were supposed to be posted today, but now the website says tomorrow. I know my average is a 3.975 on some weighted scale or another. I’m sure this translates to 3 As and a B.


Well thank Og you didn’t stay up late then!

I owe you a nickel. When my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, I went downstairs and checked my grades.

Oh, and I made the Dean’s List! (The list isn’t actually up yet, but the minimum is a 3.3 and my average was a lot higher than that.)


Congrats to you all. Very impressive.

I’m not in “school” but I just had to take 3 classes for a professional designation at work. They are just pass/fail classes.

One was Life and Health and it was a hard class and test. All about wills and life insurance and medical benefits. Yuck. I got my letter last week and I passed. Yay me!

One was Agency Management and I’m pretty sure I passed. Should get the letter in the mail in the next week or so.

The last one was a Financing of Risk Management class and it was a pain in the ass. The class was brutal. The exam was brutual and it will be 6 weeks before I get the letter telling me I failed. (Or maybe if the grader was in a really good mood…telling me I passed). I needed 140 points out of 200 and I’m not feeling so good about it.

So far my it’s looking like -

American Lit - A (confirmed)
Philosophy - Probably an A. I think I did well on my final this morning.
Art History - Hopefully a B. I missed a lot of classes.
Algebra 2 - I’m praying for an S so I can move on and take math that’s actually worth a damn.

What’s all this plus and minus biz? On final grades we’re given a letter grade. If you were 1 point away from another grade, you don’t receive a plus or a minus; you just receive that grade!

Operating Systems: A
Computer Applications in Statistics: A
Programming Languages: C
Systems Analysis & Design: A
Management & Behavioural Sciences: A
Data Communications: A

The above mentioned C is my first non A at this university. :frowning:


I’m not in school, but I bagged a 20% raise by switching jobs this month.

Does that count as good news?

Physics: PhD+

Okay, that was last year.

4.0, Dean’s list.


Here’s a guide for those of you who didn’t do so well last semester. :dubious:

Am I evil if I feel that Dean’s List sounds naughty?

60 in Inmunology (60 being the minimal passing grade)
80 of my classmates failed. Out of 120. Most happy with my big fat 6.

Got a 90 on my physiology final.

first quarter at cal poly went well.

Calc - B
Soils 121 - A
Psych - B
Soils 110 - A


– Scotcho