Graeme who? (PGA)

I hope you all had Graeme Storm in your PGA pools, because right now he’s leading at -4 after 7 holes.
Big John Daly is the leader in the clubhouse at -3.
Lefty is -1, and Tiger is +1.
And the temp is hotter than the surface of the sun.
Should be a fun weekend!

(I just knew how much everyone would be waiting for the always-popular major thread.)

Look’s like Graeme is running into a perfect storm. He’s given back 3 strokes thru 13 today.
Daly is hanging tough at -3 (of course, he doesn’t tee off for several more hours!)
The Mick isn’t moving at all. And the other Mick (Padraig) is heading the wrong way.
Howsabout Angel’s #6 yesterday? I can’t remember the last time I tossed up double figures, let along on a 3-par!

(Come on, fellas. There’s no way I’m gonna get this to a second page by myself!)

If it is anything like yesterday, the guys who teed off on the back nine today (Mickleson, Poulter, Toms, Scott, etc.) are going to go south on the front nine, and vice-versa.
Yesterday Tiger went 33 (back nine)- 38 (front).
Sergio - 33 (back) - 37
Colin Montgomery - 33 (back) - 39

All the early leaders yesterday started on the back nine. Look for the guys who played the front nine well to move forward and expect Mickleson to retreat. Daly played the front in 32 yesterday.

I look for Verplank to move up to -3 or so, Appleby to get to E or -1, and Mickleson to drop two or three.

Feel free to call me on these picks in two hours or so.

Never heard of the guy. I doubt he’ll hold up thru 4 rounds.

Gotta love this article about Daly:

Unless it was a shadow or my TV screen, it looked like Daly had a HUGE sweat stain on his pants around the crotch yesterday. :slight_smile:

I’ve got Poulter and Appleby in my office pool (also have Donald and , m-f-in Ollie).

Tiger is looking awfully good.

I like the way the caddies don’t have to where any goofy outfits or vests. Much more dignified.

Crap! You know how I feel about Eldrick!

OTOH, I’d be able to collect on the bet I have with my buddy, who thinks after becoming a daddy Tiger will go 5 years w/o a major.

Well, “Eldrick” now has a two stroke lead.

Well, at least I won my bet.
Right now I’m looking forward to playing Medinah #3 next Friday.
Better be hitting them straighter and putting better than this a.m.

Sigh…here we go agian.

When an unknown comes out of nowhere to win an Olympic gold medal, it’s an inspiration to all future Olympians who dare to dream.

When an unknown wins a PGA event, it’s just a brief aberration before Tiger Woods embarks on another 20 weeks of iron-fisted domination.

Can anyone remember a time in the PGA’s past where so…damn…many potential rivals have completely fallen off the face of the earth? Garcia. Mickelson. Singh. Furyk. Duval. Montgomerie. Parnevik. Love III. That Perks guy who made some noise in '04-ish. I’ve yet to see one person step up.

Yeah - they were making a big deal out of the fact that Els rallied to finish in 3d, 4 strokes back or so, behind some guy named “Woody.”

Yes, Tiger is awesome. Incredible dominance. Will undoubtedly pass Jack’s record. Excuse me if I yawn.

I don’t get all the Tiger hate. Because he’s good? Because his presence often seems to psych out the other players? Because he gets such media adulation?

He’s phenomenally consistant. He doesn’t cause trouble on or off the course. He’s polite. He’s a boy scout who publicly thanks and appreciates his parents. He seems like a nice guy who takes his job seriously. Seems to me he’s a good role-model for young athletes. And sometimes it fun to see someone do something better than anyone else can.