My husband and I have season tickets to the Sharks.

At game one of the playoffs, I headed into the bathroom (usually graffiti-free) and saw written in one of the stalls:

“Sharks will still loose!”

It struck me as hilarious, so I was wondering if anybody else has seen any good graffiti out there.

One time in a jail bathroom in Oroville, CA (don’t ask), “Bradley Thomas is a SNITH!”



My best friend once has someone write “BICTH” across her locker. Everyone knew who it was who did it - not exactly a good thing for her, since people thought her twice as dumb for not being able to spell it :slight_smile:

I know this one’s been quoted a lot, but I loved it when I first saw it above the urinal in the men’s room. In the University of Washington Physics building (the old one, that’s now named after Mary Gates).

Energy is all that matters, and vice versa.

'Fraid I don’t know any that were mispelled and still funny.

the names are the same, but the dicks have been changed to protect the innocent!

absolutely nonsensical, but it slays me.

“Save Russian Jews, Collect Valuable Prizes!”

The first time I saw that I almost pee’d…well I did pee. I ran across the same quote in a King story today and almost pee’d my pants.

Another one that killed me was:

‘Kilroy was here.’ Under that it said
‘And he took it in the a**.’

Why did I, and still do, think that is funny? I have no idea.

One minor complaint, aiming is hard when you are laughing.


I once saw a poll on the wall in a stall at UT, asking the reason for your visit: #1, #2, Just a Wipe, Barf, Diarreha, Monkey Spank, Re-Tuck, etc. I still laugh when I think of it (especially since so many had responded…)

I once saw written on the back of an extremely dirty truck…

“Test lot #41, DO NOT WASH”.

I thought that was one of the most creative uses of dirt I’d seen, and still do.

From a bar last night: “Guys: I’ll be right back. - Godot”

Saw one once long ago in Asheville, N.C…

“Urban Spelunking”

I thought it contained some important irony at the time.

Above a urinal, forgot where I saw it:
“Why you lookin up here for jokes? The joke is in your hand”

What the hell does this mean?


The best one I ever saw, in a bathroom stall-right in the middle of I heart Matt and JC+KR=TL:

I’ve seen a very dirty car in Lisbon with “lavar-me filho de puta” (wash me, you son of a whore) written in the dust.