Grand Jury to hear evidence against Trump, weigh potential charges

Prosecutor in Trump criminal probe convenes grand jury to hear evidence, weigh potential charges

I figure this is a new enough development in the ongoing investigations into our late, lamented president that it’s worth a new thread.

As for the charges,

It’ll be really interesting to see how this develops. With a six-month grand jury, will charges drop just in time for Christmas?

Given that Cy Vance is retiring at the end of December and he will want to make the charging decisions, I’d say we’ll see charges drop (assuming indictments are returned… what are the odds?) sooner than that.

I had predicted as soon as August and I think I’ll stick with that. There are likely to be rolling charges/superseding indictments arising out of this news about the Grand Jury.

Likely they’ve been convened for awhile, too.

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but maybe a little quicker going forward from here.

I know what I want in my Christmas Hanukah stocking.

Sadly, he is just our previous president. We only wish he was the late president.

Good news everyone!

Oh no. Does this mean there might be some truth to the idea that Trump isn’t completely on the level?

[Looks at MAGA hat with tears welling up]

Are there “top Trump Organization executives” who aren’t named Trump? If so, they may be watching the large bus headed their way and trying to figure out how to end up on it rather than under it.

Yes, his Chief Financial Officer. There’s been a lot of speculation that the DA’s office is leaning hard on him and on his two sons, who also worked for the Trump Org.

Three days a week for 6 months is really intense. I’d expect to see things starting to heat up rather soon.

I am counting down to the “Alan, who barely knew him”. “I take pictures with all sorts of people”.

Dude will skate like he always does. He’ll throw his accountant and even his kids under the bus. Not to mention all he needs is one MAGAbot on the jury should charges ever be filed. Now if we hear that an orange jumpsuit maker has been in contact with Donnie’s tailor to get his measurements, then I’ll start doing the happy dance.

Do grand juries in NY need to be unanimous? I know rules vary by state.

No, they don’t.

Oh, then it would be The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Emphasis added by me. They are talking about the actual trial jury should charges ever be filed, not the grand jury.

So the question is, do felony-trial juries have to be unanimous to convict in New York? Also, if there is a hold-out don’t they get a hung jury, not an acquittal? Then they can do the whole thing over again until they get it right.

I don’t live in New York and IANAL, but I think they must be unanimous. The SCOTUS recently ruled that states are constitutionally required to have unanimous jury verdicts in criminal trials. That is playing a bit of hell here in Oregon, where we didn’t require unanimity. At least they didn’t make their ruling retroactive.

In answer to your second question, yes, there can be a retrial if the jury hangs. It is not an acquittal. It’s up to the prosecutors whether they want to retry a case.

I could live with that.

The question is - which of Loser Donald’s kids will be the first to throw themselves under the bus in the hopes of earning Daddy’s approval?

My money’s on Eric.

This will be in NYC, which voted overwhelmingly Biden, and it won’t be hard to look at social media, etc and get rid of the worst.

It’s harder to get on a jury when you’re a squirrel than one might think.

I expect they’re going to weed very carefully in a trial arising out of any indictments in this case.

This is separate from the lawsuit about inciting the Jan 6 insurrection, which the orange shit-gibbon is sufficiently worried about that he’s gone public with his defense, which is essentially a variation of Nixon’s “it’s not illegal if the president does it”. There was justifiable speculation that he’d have to win in 2020 or face serious legal consequences for his many transgressions, and it appears to be coming true on a number of different fronts. My guess is that for the first time in his life, the orange shit-gibbon is actually running scared.