Grand Theft Auto V

No GTA V thread?

September 17!

Anyone else taking the day off?

Nah, but I’ll definitely be zipping over to Gamestop on my lunch break so that I don’t have to stop on my way home.

Stuck waiting on the inevitable PC port unfortunately.

Looking forward to it though, even though I didn’t really like GTA IV that much. Maybe a lack of modern era open worlds in general, or how much I ended up loving Sleeping Dogs.

I played IV for maybe an hour. Driving was frustrating and the whole game looked dark. I put roughly 2909 hours into San Andreas and Vice City.

I am so stoked for this game. I have to work that day but my copy is already pre ordered.

My present is an entire day where I can play the game.

I would, but I’m ordering it from a mail order group that’s tended to be a bit lax on timely delivery. I’m almost tempted to take a day off a week later, but I’d probably end up playing 15 hours of Civ 5 again.

Roughly. Just “roughly”. Not “really roughly”. “Really roughly” would be “2,900”. “Roughly” means “2,909”. Not “2,908” or “2,910”, but “2,909”. I say “roughly” because I rounded to the closest hour instead of minute.

LOL! Just teasing you, Lag. :slight_smile:

Anyway, yes, I’m looking forward to the game. A lot.

Same here. I really dislike playing games like that on the console. Besides, if I’m playing a game on the console, my wife can’t watch TV.

I’m jazzed. I’m particularly interested in GTA Online, which looks like it will be a killer multiplayer mode, with tons of co-op opportunities.

I already spent my game budget on Wasteland 2 (but I have to wait until October, at least :().

Really really looking forward to it. I loved GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and IV. GTA games are some of the only games I will buy at launch for full price. I pre-ordered with Amazon.

I will buy it for the PC too, if and when it comes out. But for much cheaper.

It’s a question of when, not if. Rockstar has been hiring PC game devs to port their games to the platform.

I think their core developers are pretty much console only. They are the last remnants of a bygone era when you could ignore the PC as a market for large games like these. Even Japanese developers are taking notice, and just about every other third party develops for PC as well.

So, when? Who knows. My money is that we’ll get an announcement about a month after the console version hits, and it will come either this holiday (hoping) or early next year.

Am I missing something? The trailers make this look ludicrously beautiful, busy and exciting in both single and multiplayer - but surely my trusty old PS3 can’t stretch to that sort of greatness? Unless each ‘cell’ of the stunning play area is a square kilometre, with loading waits on all sides.

They say that everything that can be seen in the distance will be seen with no loading as you move along.

Oh, many of the screens and videos are clearly the PC version. They HAVE shown some console footage, and you cna tell it’s console footage.

Personally, I see why just about every developer does that (just about every E3 next gen console demo was running on a PC - console footage shown later was a very clear downgrade), but it’s pretty underhanded.

Expect more or less the same gameplay, but streets that look busy up until about half way up the block, where everything is deserted.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a next gen port done sometime next year. If you don’t have a gaming PC/have no interest in one, going next gen might give you a gamign experience much closer to the trailers.

I’m with ya here, Lag. Loved all the GTA games, even the ‘Stories’ series. I have instructed my kids that when I become old and crazy(IER) to put me in a nursing home in Miami and tell me its Vice City - I will be deliriously happy and they wont even have to come visit me. Just bail me out once in a while when I get caught killing hookers(again:rolleyes:).

But I hate IV so much. Hard to drive, hard to play, bleak, dark and depressing atmosphere. Part of that I blamed on this being the first GTA I had played on XBox and not the PS2. Glad to see it wasn’t just that and I am hoping the problems from IV don’t follow in V since I HAVE to get this one for XBox 360 as well (we don’t own a PS3).

Really looking forward to V but I’m definitely gonna rent this one before I buy it. It will be nice to be back in the 'hood but I have to be sure.

Rumor has it it’ll appear on the PC in November. But it’ll definitely be ported by next May at the latest.

That would be awesome! I think.

We got Rome II, Watchdogs is also due out late this year, AssGrabber’s Creed Pirate-y awesomeness, Splinter Cell just came out, Batman: Arkham Origins, BAttlefield 4, Wasteland, Planetary annihilation.

It’s a good time to be a gamer, but when are we going to play all these games?

I’m really hoping that Battlefield 4 gets my gaming crew off of their CS:GO kick, since I am unbelievably terrible at CS.

To you people complaining about it being “hard to drive” in IV, did you ever try switching the controls to “Classic” mode? When I first got IV it took me about 30 seconds to say “screw these new driving controls” and go change it to good old X=gas, square=brake. And if anybody thinks that was terribly limiting, back then I had some lap times in the top 20 of the online Races, and a lot more in the top 50 on PS3.

An (unrelated) question for people who know these things: Will GTA5 for PS3 be able to be purchased/downloaded through PSN without buying it on disk? Or does that usually happen only much later after launch? My PS3’s DVD drive died long ago…

Bonus question: If you buy GTA5 for PS3, then get a PS4, will you have to buy a whole new copy of the game for the new console?