Grandmaster Flash - still alive and scratching?

Evidently. There’s an all night kinda rave place in my 'hood. :stuck_out_tongue: I often see people coming out in the early saturday or sunday morning light when I’m pushing the twins around in the stroller and they are trying to hook up, negotiate a price with a hooker and/or stumble into a taxi.

Anyhoo, there’s a sign up advertising Grandmaster Flash next month. A quick search shows that it does seem to be the same Grandmaster Flash of The Message fame. Seems like he really is touring. Now if you had asked me back in the early 1980’s the likelihood of Grandmaster Flash appearing in my Shanghai neighborhood 30 years later, I would have laughed my ass off. His website is kinda screwed up as it only shows past appearances and not what’s coming up. I’d hate to actually go and find it’s a Chinese Grandmeister Flush or some such silliness.

Has anyone seen Grandmaster Flash in the past few years? What did you think? I’m not big on reliving the dinosaurs of my past but this just seems to wierd to pass up…

If it is the real deal, you’ve got to get along. How rusty can his decks be? You’ve got to pay homage to the pioneer of wiki-wiki and the inventor of the wheels of steel.

He’s still alive and touring, including apparently Shanghai. For being your Google monkey I do expect a full review. :slight_smile:

sheeeeeet, it’s literally a 5 minute walk from my home and $25 at the door. I’ll have to find out when he’s on. It’s a Thursday night, and I have little kids and work to deal with. But it is Grandmaster Flash.

Anyone seen him in the past decade?

The man is a genius but are you sure its not Grandfather Flash ?

Just an idea of what it might be like.

Get yo rang dang diggidy dang di dang ass down there!

I know people - me included - who’d kick a downed nun for that opportunity.