Grandmother forces 4-year-old to drink whiskey until she dies with her mother watching {2022-04-22}

A Louisiana grandmother and mother are in custody on first-degree murder charges after the grandmother allegedly forced her 4-year-old granddaughter to drink from a bottle of whiskey until she died. Cause of death: Acute alcohol poisoning.

The little girl had a blood alcohol level of 0.680% at time of death. That’s more than eight times the legal intoxication level for a healthy adult.

Just to get an idea of how extremely high that is, I looked up the script for the film Death Becomes Her. In the fantasy concocted by Bruce Willis’s lover in which she makes the death of his wife look like a brutal, fiery drunk driving accident in which she drives off a cliff, the coroner reads her blood alcohol content as 0.40% and says “She had it coming”. This little girl’s blood alcohol level was more than 150% of THAT.

These two women need to be locked away FOREVER.

ETA: Actually, you know what? Capital punishment is legal in Louisiana. I think this is one time that it’s justified.

It’s a horrendous story, whether because the adults are guilty, or because they face a false accusation after losing their child.

Quite right, of course. In this country, we are all innocent until proven guilty. It’s difficult to remember that, sometimes.

Okay. I’ll temper my reaction. If they are found guilty, they need to be held accountable.

I am willing to leave the final justice to the judge and jury, but from the wording of the article

While investigating, detectives say they learned the victim’s grandmother forced her to drink a bottle of the alcohol while the mother watched.

I’m going to guess that when the child became unresponsive one of the above called 911. And that when the cops got there, that same person told the cops that they told the cops what occurred and that they didn’t MEAN anything bad to happen.

IE they probably accidentally confessed. In situations like this, where I don’t think there’s much debate on the facts of the matter, I feel comfortable in judging the family harshly, for negligence if absolutely nothing else. But again, the consequences I am happy to leave to the court - I don’t need any more bad karma as it were.

Why in hell would anyone force a 4-year-old to drink whiskey in the first place?

To punish her for being suspected of stealing a sip. From a different reporting of the story.

Yeah it’s either old school “If you like it so much have the entire thing!” punishments or it’s the parent thinking it’s “funny” to watch a kid drink.

How can you force a four year old to drink a whole bottle of whiskey? How can you force anybody to do that? The child would have passed out (or died) long before the bottle was empty, or else probably choked from throwing up.

ETA: an alcohol level of 0.680% would kill almost any grown-up too.

There’s a fuller version of the story here:

Another source said grandma told investigators that she wanted to take “full responsibility” for what happened.

The story also notes that a fatal BAC starts at around 0.36%

This is just awful and baffling.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering about this.

Weird. I’m not a subscriber.

You are allowed so many “free” articles before you get blocked.

I started reading and then it told me to subscribe, which prevented me from reading the rest of the article.

It doesn’t pass the sniff test for me, either. I suspect there’s more to it than that. According to this you’d be unconscious at .40. I realize there’s a delayed effect between the moment you drink it and the time it hits your blood stream but…

Yes, that’s probably what it was. I’ve heard tales of people who, as teens, would smoke cigarettes in secret but then their parents who caught them (or whoever) would try to reverse-psychology punish them by forcing them to smoke an entire carton at once (or several), the idea being to make them feel so revolting that they’d never smoke again.

So that’s probably what they were doing to this 4-year old girl.

Ironically, the girl probably didn’t even have any concept of what alcohol was, or the significant of drinking alcohol. It’s not like she was some teen.

The article said it was around half full. (If you click on the reader view in the url on paywalled articles, you can read them.)

I don’t doubt the child died of alcohol poisoning but the level doesn’t seem possible. I can’t imagine the taste of it alone would start the child vomiting. And unless the bottle was chugged in one go I would expect vomiting to occur long before such a level was achieved.

People Suck

I think this might be a case where the child’s small size factors in. The average 4-year-old weighs 40 pounds. I put that in a blood-alcohol calculator, and a single shot was enough for 0.125% BAC. That means the difference between 0.40 and 0.68 is only about three ounces.

Regardless of the exact numbers, it’s a monstrous thing to do.

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