Grant Imahara dies at 49 of an aneurysm

This makes me so sad. Not only did I like him on MythBusters, if you’re pretty regularly on Wil Wheaton’s board game show, where he was a fun person to watch.

This fucking year.

Criminey. This one hits home more than most celebrity deaths, for me. I loved Mythbusters, especially the mid-seasons when it was still fresh, and they had all the Mythterns.

  • raises glass to Grant Imahara *

There is not enough profanity in the English language for this year.

This just sucks. Grant, Tory and Kari were great together. His presence on that show was a huge part of why I loved it. He just seemed like a guy I’d like to hang out with.

Damn. I was in love with Kari and really liked Tory. But fuck, Grant was my favorite. Funny in a dry, smart way. They were so great together. I’m glad I was able to see him every week.

And yes, this year just seems to be getting worse daily. For many reasons.

This is so tragically sad. Such a talented technician, and apparently one of the nicest people around.

For the last couple of years he had been working at Disney Imagineering (I think it was) for an upcoming feature where robots would be swung into the air to safely “fly” like superheroes. And he built his own baby Yoda animatronic just for fun! I mean, who does that? An incredible inestimable loss.

Aw, fuck! 49 years old! DAMN!

Very sad. He came across as a really nice guy and his enthusiasm was really endearing.

What in the bitter fuck is going on with this year?

Damn. Just …damn.

I remember when Grant joined Mythbusters. The shows got better and more interesting. Grant’s training in electronics and robotics gave the Build Team more legitimacy. Their experiments got better. Grant also came across well on camera. He was always friendly and interesting to watch.

I’ll think of him everytime I watch a rerun of Mythbusters. Appreciate his contributions and presence on the show even more.

RIP Grant

Watching Mythbuster reruns now. Amazon Prime and Hulu, I believe.

An absolute gut-punch.

Grant and Tory Belleci are only a few days apart in age.

Grant Oct 23, 1970
Tory Oct 30, 1970

Kari is several years younger. Dec 18, 1974

It’s amazing to realize it’s been 18 years since the show began.

This is a double gut-punch for me - my brother is having surgery next week for a brain aneurysm. And he’s lots older than Grant.

Yeah, 2020 sucks. RIP, Mythbuster!

Only the good die young.

Fuck you 2020. Fuck every single solitary thing about you.

This upcoming new years celebration is going to be so cathartic it’s not going to be funny.

This sucks, and 2020 keeps on sucking at an increasingly greater amplitude.

I hope he went quickly. He was a very nice guy. For all the guys who used to draw fighting robots in their notebook in school instead of listening to some boring teacher, Grant turned it into reality. What a shame he has gone so young. RIP Grant.

:cry: Damn, he was my favorite.