Grant Morrison is going to revamp the DC Universe!

Check this out! Along with Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison is being given an official consulting/development role over at DC, to shape the DCU after Johns’ Infinite Crisis storyline ends. (Johns has the same continuity consultant role leading up to and including Infinite Crisis.) This is pretty huge news for DC and Morrison fans, of which I know there are several here.

I was about to say “Oh, Crap.” but then I read the article, and it seems Grant’s only getting his hands on the third-stringers. Whew.

Oh, goody freaking gumdrops. Now the Daily Planet will be a heterosexual transvestite newspaper.

Right, I agree.

However, I ahve this also to say AGAIN? :rolleyes:

Funny, I must have missed when he did that in JLA. :rolleyes:

This is great news – when I found out that Geoff Johns was going to be plotmaster of IC and beyond I was very disappointed because I’ve never read a Johns comic that didn’t put me to sleep. Now I’m happy to hear that there’s going to be something put out in the DCU that’s worth reading.


True, in JLA he toned down his weirder tendencies. Of course, he was constrained in that by having to play with characters controlled by other editors…he couldn’t do anything too strange to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Huntress or Steel.

Still, the man has some very bizarre story and character concepts. I love innovation and originality, and I’ll even concede I’ve found some of Morrison’s more outrageous stuff funny. (I still chuckle at the scene in Doom Patrol where Cliff Steele’s brain and the Brain’s (from the Brotherhood of Evil) brain are sitting in adjacent jars, and the Brain telepathically says, “So, my old enemy, we meet again.”) But he has a definite tendency to be WAY over the top, to the point of eye-rolling.

You know, I am incredibly not enthused by Infinite Crisis. I’m more whimpering and cringing.

Still, better than Byrne.

Oh, this is so cool.

Johns and Morrison are two of my all-time favorites, for completely opposite reasons.

Johns is a master of continuity and making sure all the pieces fit together in a concise and loguical manner. He rarely makes missteps, and is the surgeon DC’s called in to fit together such narrative humty-dumpties such as Hawkman and (soon) Power Girl. Johns’ DCU is a realistic place, in far as who did what when, if not in terms of scientific accuracy.

Morrison has the opposite take on continuity. Anything that gets in the way of a good story is tossed out the window. Hell, even logic gets tossed out of the window. But the man’s creative like fire. All of his ideas are good, even if they don’t always fit together the best way. He’s not nearly as consistant as Johns, but his high points are much, much higher.

Now, both extremes can be dangerous. I don’t want to read a continuity wank were someone is so straitjacketed by previous stories that they don’t dare tell any new ones. Nor do I want Lex Luthor to be a killer meme from the planet Xenon all of a sudden. but with both guys throwing in input, this is very good news. They’re like Hawk and Dove. We need 'em both.

Still, you have to question the judgment of someone who would put Plastic Man in the JLA instead of Elongated Man…

No, that’s pretty much a good thing in the context it was given. Plas worked well with the League.

Plas in JLA was good under Morrison and Waid…once Kelly got ahold of it, on the other hand, it went all to hell.