Greasepaint Can Kill Hair Follicles?

In the Wikipedia entry for actor Micheal Chiklis:

Is this true? (Not the fact that Chiklis did it – the claim that using greasepaint on your shaved head can cause baldness).

Errr… can’t edit a title, I see. “Follicles.”


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Sounds all :dubious: to me. I went to highschool with a guy whose hairline was receding faster than the ocean right before a tsunami. I don’t doubt Trevor had a chrome dome by the age of 20 because he was well on his way at 18.

Sounds more like a yarn you’d make up for an interview not realizing that it will end up being reported as “fact” forever after. Like the long-standing report that Christian Slater once shaved his eyebrows to look like a Vulcan for Hallowe’en and they never grew back right. He said it as a joke in an interview and allegedly now regrets ever saying it because interviewers still ask him about it.

ETA: And you avoid using pancake and greasepaint at the same time because with one being oil-based and the other water-based, they don’t mix and you end up with a mess. I can’t imagine why an actor would put greasepaint on his head if he was using pancake (or powder) on his face too.