They still sell "hair in a can"? Good Lord, it's 2004.

Apparently they do. :eek:

Scary. Just buy a bad rug, or perfect your combover. This can’t look good.

And if you do need to sell “hair in a can”, at least ditch the aerosol mouse pointer.

Well, and I love that the website trumpets all their media attention, including their appearance in the movie “Fight Club.”

Y’know, forgetting for a moment that that scene was used solely to illustrate the stupidity of our collective consumerism.

…They had those guys a few years ago spraypainting hair on their heads! What the fuck was that about?! How could that be on TV more than once?! There’s an FCC, they should see that and go, “No!” And you know if anyone does start spraypainting hair on their head, they’re psychotic!..

(Lewis Black, badly paraphrased)

I’m still waiting for the aerosol socks that MAD predicted.

Does anybody know anyone in real life who has ever used that gunk? I’d like to see what it really looks like on someone’s pate, rather than that phony demonstration on TV.

I’m guessing it’s kind of like brown Christmas tree flocking.

Awwwwww! : pout :

I went to that site, and saw the little spray can mouse pointer, and the big ol’ bald spot photo, and I just ASSUMED it was interactive! So I clicked the mouse and tried to spray paint the bald spot. And it didn’t work! I’m so disappointed now! That site is crying out for an interactive like that.

I thought everybody was fine with guys’ being bald at this point? I don’t get it. Have Mitch Pileggi and Billy Zane taught and Patrick Stewart taught us nothing?

A seemingly benign sentence that nonetheless creeped me out.