American commercial about "spray painting" hair?

I’ve seen this clip in so many movies and tv shows. I guess directors add it, to show our protagonist watching useless infomercials late at night, or it might show up when someone is flipping through channels.
Anyway, it’s a very short clip, always the same, showing the side and back of some guy’s head, and someone is using a spray can, applying, well… paint, dye, varnish?

Is this a real product? Was there ever such an infomercial?

Try it yourself:

Here’s another of the same stuff:

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It’s for real?

[SIZE=1]Oh my. There is one born every minute.

The clip in question (it’s always the same) - wouldn’t producers need permission to use it? Seeing that it’s never presented in a positive way, why would they give permission?

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I have never seen the infomercial.

But in the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys one of the brothers uses it, and the other one mocks him. Sort of like:

“No, see, it’s a product that makes the hair shaft thicker.”

“It’s paint.”

First brother applies it.


“Yeah. You’ve sprayed hair-colored paint on your scalp.”

IIRC, it’s an aerosolized powder that supposedly clings to the fine hairs on the scalp and gives the appearance of thicker hair.

Apparently, I have watched too many infomercials for the sheer, jaw-dropping awfulness of it all.

Wasn’t that a Ronco product?

Set it and forget it!

Oh, I wouldn’t doubt it a bit. God bless Ronco for their endless hours of amusement. My DH is the proud owner of a Ronco Record Sweeper that runs on like 8 D cells.

What, no mention of Ron Popeil, the inventor of the GLH System?

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I remember when those commercials actually ran.