Great Ads (not really work safe)

I think this has to be one of the funniest ads I have seen in recent years.

It took me a second to realize what I was looking at and then I nearly fell out of my chair. And look…there is even a market for fan merchandise. :smiley:

It took balls to post that!

Cyn snickers and runs away, knowing she’s not really funny but enjoying herself immensely nonetheless.

Dave Barry included bull-scrotum purses in his book Dave Barry’s Gift Guide to end All Gift Guides. Appaently you can buy them, pretty cheaply, at some Texas cafeterias.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. It wouldn’t ruin my appetite, but I’d have a hard time pushing the tray along, all hunched over like that.

While I, on the other hand, thought melondeca was nuts to post it!

George could definitely have used this ad to demonstrate the effects of “shrinkage” to Elaine and his then-girlfriend. Too bad!

You ball are just big sacs of pun today.

Link for the curious.

Same link as the second one in the OP.

Bah. I didn’t see that at all. :smack: