Do they actually broadcast this commercial?

Saw this online (warning - possibly NSFW). Depending on your point of view, it’s either an incredibly explicit depictation of sex or completely non-explicit. But I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be broadcast in the United States. Is it aired in the UK or is it just an internet ad?

I’ve never seen it.

And I totally would have remembered if I had. There are unsubstantiated indications that the advert was/is banned. If you find the ad amusing, and it strikes me as totally hilarious, have a look at these 3 outtakes.

I’ve never seen it and I would be very surprised to hear it had aired.

I’ve never seen it on telly, I wonder if it was just intended to be viral? No, not in that way.

According to one blog, as of January these only appeared on the internet.

Is this how Jeff Koons sculptures reproduce?

Possibly? Ye gods, where do you work?

He works at a place called 'Boom-chcka-bow-wows".

It’s like Applebee’s but with more fucking.

I’d like to know where this one is from.

It seems pretty obvious to me: Make a commercial that you know no network would ever actually air, claim that the ad was banned, put the ad online where people can find it, and then use the supposed “ban” to drum up publicity. GoDaddy used the same tactics a year or two ago, and it makes a lot more sense (such as it is) for a condom ad.

Yes, but as I pointed out, one way of looking at this ad is that it’s completely non-explicit - there’s not even a single person shown in it.

For those of us who can’t look at the video or don’t want to watch it at work, is there a text description available?

Nevermind - I just saw it in the blog post page.

Basically, they made balloon animals out of condoms. Two animals proceed to sniff each other like dogs, then start humping, and rotating through a series of positions. Then a third animal shows up, they pause, and suddenly there are three going at it.

It was kinda amusing. Very juvenile, but kinda amusing.

It shows balloon animals (evidently made out of colored condoms) having simulated sex in various ways, including doggie , missionary, 69, and various threesomes. All accompanied by squeaky balloon sound effects.
Hence my comment about Jeff Koons sculptures.

The “outtakes” show balloons suddenly deflating or unkinking or floating away.

Oh my god, that is so funny. I especially love the outtakes.

As someone who enjoys making balloon sculptures, I’d love to see a commercial like this on tv.

I didn’t even realize it was a condom commercial until the second time I watched it (I missed the very end the first time).

I once made a 2’ tall Roadrunner and another 2’ tall Wile E Coyote for a friend. He immediately started making them have sex. Neither popped.

Kenya, IIRC.