Great article about Willie Nelson and his guitar, Trigger

I put this in the Great Ongoing Guitar Thread, but this article is so well-written, I wanted non-guitar-geeks to know about it. It’s from 2012, and tells the story of Willie discovering his voice as a musician, and how the guitar was an essential part of that.

I don’t think I’ve read a better piece on the relationship between an artist and their favorite tool. I’ve read way too many pieces written from a gear-geek’s POV, or articles written for non-musicians that miss the boat - this is both insider and accessible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Excellent article. I read with amusement how he learned on a Sears Stella, which is what I first learned on. This quote in particular made me laugh: “Strings way up high off the neck and your fingers bleed when you learn to play,” he remembers. Too true. An F chord was a near impossibility.