Great Blue Herons, how I hate thee!

Now, I generally love the wildlife in our environs here in the Pacific Northwest. However, I have two Koi ponds. And I love my Koi. And I have grown to hate the Great Blue Herons. Bastids!!! Just this minute I had to chase off a Great Blue Heron from my upper Koi pond. Give it a rest will you, Heron-Demon-Spawn! It’s december, and I don’t fancy running out to the ponds to chase off your Koi-eating ass just now. Just. Give. It. A. Break.Willya?

I think they are lovely!

Don’t they make netting to go over ponds? Of course that’s not very helpful for froggies, or squirrels and birds getting drinks.

I do have netting over my ponds. But that doesn’t stop them from trying! Every day, Blue Herons are placing their orders over my ponds. “That huge one, with the orange gills, I so want that for lunch!”

Can you scare them away with fake predatory birds? My old employer had a big fake owl in the parking area to scare away pigeons. Unfortunately it didn’t bother the Canada Geese…

If you don’t like Great Blue Herons (one of my favorite birds) then why do you set out supper for them in a nice big bowl?

Get a great blue heron statue and place it in or by the pond. Apparently they won’t feed in someone else’s pond.

Also, be glad one hasn’t pooped on your car while flying. Those droppings are like small tactical nukes.

Now, now, Shibb! I would like to think that I can have Koi ponds without the luxury of Herons feasting on my beloved Koi. I have begged, pleaded and implored the Herons to feast at the Creek that abuts my property. But no dice. Herons prefer fat, feisty Koi to natural troutlings. I’m screwed here, truly I am.

Some years ago we had small koi who fortunately grew up to be good siized pets. We has one pond built right into our back deck. I had 2x8s all aournd the edge, jutting over. No blues, but we had white herons which feasted on fish in our big 3/4 acre ponds, then came up for desert to the koi pond. As soon as one of them landed at the edge, all the koi swam right under the overhang, and the heron could not reach them.

Maybe you could construct some overhandg out of rocks or some other large flat material arround the edge.

I feel your pain. If one of dem big bastids ever made off with one of our koi, I would be tempted to use a 12 ga shotgun next time. Fortunately, we never lost one. After a while they stopped coming to the small pond.

“Man, she sets up this lovely buffet and then won’t let us use it! What a witch!”

Somewhere there’s a Great Blue Heron version of John Pinette doing a Great Blue Heron version of “Chinese Buffet”…“So, she comes running out of the house, right? screaming ‘YOU GO NOW! YOU HERE FOUR HOUR!’”

Today the Herons are out in full force. I’ve set the border collie on them eight times already. My new dog Toto is a whiz at chasing the Herons off. She’s a little dog, 10 pounds wringing wet; and she charges at those four-foot tall beasts without batting an eyelash.

I do have a Heron decoy, it has done nothing to prevent the Herons from dining al fresco. There’s a very large mature male, he really is beautiful. Over four feet in height with a full beard on his chest. If he were a vegetarian, I’d actually admire his plummage.

They are awful pretty birds for being so vicious. I recall when I live in Florida they would always go after the baby ducks and geese and stab them with their bills.

I’ve watched them stalking gophers in a field. Rather surreal watching furry little kicking legs vanish down a big bird’s gullet :p.

Neat, majestic birds. But not all that much different from a leopard when you get right down to it.

Try putting some reflective sparkly crystals in the water, near the surface if you can.

Without thinking I put some that were loose in my yard into my birdbath, just to wash them off, one afternoon, and forgot about them.

Two days later I couldn’t figure out why not one bird was using the birdbath, usually its’ lined up busy. I could see them all on the fences and trees but not one in the bath.

Went out to check it out, saw and removed the sparkly crystals, and they were back within 15 minutes. Can’t say why exactly, I only happened upon this by accident. Maybe it was the unnatural nature of the sparkly? Give it a try.

Takes me back to my clubbing days (cue house music…thump thump thump)

I feel your pain. I had the same problem when I used to have a koi pond. I made half of the pond too deep for a heron to stand, with very steep sides, and the big ones hung out there. I filled the shallow part with floating lilies, and let the dog out to chase off herons every time I saw one, but I still lost ALL of the smaller ones in a year. I was really upset, too.

My big koi would actually come up to the edge of the pond, eat from my hand, and let me pet them.