Great Company Slogans

There is a trucking company called “Route 66” and for some reason their mascot is a camel with a “66” on the hump.

Their slogan? Humping to Please

That’s right around the time my friend worked there.

He tells a funny story about how they were closing one night. Everybody was dead-dog tired. Just as they were locking the doors, who should show up but Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, with an entourage of groupies and a truckload of disposable cash. “Sorry guys”, said the employees. “We’re just way too tired to party with you.”

Ah, the Marsalis brothers. I used to know two of them. And jammed with one once (Branford).

Employees at Mike & Ed’s Bar-B-Que wear shirts that say “You can smell our Butts for miles.”

Custom framing shop in Leesburg, Fl: “I Was Framed.”

Portable sign in front of framing shop: “Repeat after me “I like your frame”.”

There’s a car dealer in town named Jack Schmidt. When he first opened up I kept expecting to say something like “If you don’t know where to get the best deal on a new car, then you don’t know Jack Schmidt!”

It took 10 years, but he finally started doing it.

Local exterminator: “Just Say No To Bugs.”

How about Schaefer Beer? “It’s the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.” Always cracked me up.

There’s a produce stand that I used to drive by with the slogan:

7 days without our fruit makes one weak. :smack:

At a Lafayette barbecue place, the corresponding slogan is “Get Your Pork Pulled at South Street Smokehouse”.

Body shop: We take the “dents” out of accidents.

A concrete coring company in Dallas, Cowboy Coring, has the slogan “Your hole is our goal.”

There was a local portable toilet company in CT with the motto, “We’re number 1 in the number 2 business”.

Though I can’t be certain of the truth of this claim, there was apparently a septic tank installation company (or some such thing) in my home town, and their slogan was “Your crap is our bread and butter”.

Also, there’s a shop in Melbourne that sells compasses, and their slogan is “Get one or get lost!”

~ Isaac

There’s always the good ol’ laundry one: DROP YOUR PANTS HERE.

Another was a (sadly now closed) cleaning supplies shop next door to a religious supplies one, of course being : cleanliness is next to godliness.
Not sure if it counts, as they are visual, but a local fashion boutique at Sydney’s Bondi Beach (when I was living there in the 80s) filled their window with old metal springs and announced their “Spring Collection”. The same mob dismembered a mannequin, added some red paint, and had “A NASTY FALL”.

I have two near me now.

  1. The local radiator repair shop whose slogan is…“The Best place to take a leak”

  2. A local construction-equipment rental man’s buisiness is named
    “Wally’s Private Parts”. The slogan on his sign says…“We Have Skidders!”

There’s a BBQ place in Woodinville WA named The Armadillo. Their slogan is “Home of Mad Cows, Pissed off Pigs and Upset Chickens”

How about American imported bottles of Warsteiner beer:
Because life is too short to drink cheap beer.
I don’t know what domestic German bottles say; I always drank Bitburger when I was in Germany: Ein Bit, Bitte!

This isn’t really a sogan, but there’s a bar/restaurant supply store I walked past in Philadelphia that had, in huge letters on the side of the building:

“The Stool Store”

I wanted to go get a sample for the next time the vet needed one from the cats.

My favorite:

Seegars Fence Co.
“Dependable Erection Since 1949”

My favorite is fictional, coming from the otherwise excruciatingly awful gangster movie Once Upon A Time In America. James Woods has a mortuary that’s a mob front, and painted on his panel truck is the slogan:
"Why Go On Living When We Can Bury You For $59.95?"

That slogan is also used by the gayest beer & burger joint in Canada. (Which is the place to be on a Sunday night. Woot!)

There’s also Modrobes, (an apparel chain,) the Vancouver outlet of which used to have a sign out front that said “I WANT YOU IN MY PANTS.”

That’s a good’n.