Great fantasy team nicknames

I nominate two in our fantasy basketball league:

“Hank’s Gatherers” (our son’s name is Hank)
“Yao That Hurtz”


“The Fighting Redcocks” (Motto: “You can’t beat a Redcock.”)

Perhaps it’s an obscure reference:

“The San Dimas Personages of Historical Significance”

I nominate “Nine Inch Neils”.

Yes, it’s my team.

A team called ‘Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Bruce’ once came 2nd in the British Speed team chess. I know, for I was in it! :slight_smile:

I’d say that’s a classical reference. Not to mention a most excellent one.

Ed Gein’s Upholstery.

College intramural basketball team.

One of my favorites was in a baseball league last year: The Craptionals.

Also, a couple of old standbys: the Hoosier Daddies and Off Constantly (“Yay! I beat Off Constantly!”)

I run a Big Lebowski-themed football league on ESPN, which contains such monikers as the Chino Pederasts, the defending champion Sioux City Sarsaparillas and the Pismo Paraquats.

Turtle Headers

ETA: For a soccer team.

A hundred years ago, my college roommate had “The Daryl Dawkins Revival Society” in rotisserie basketball. What pissed me off was that I was going to make a Chocolate Thunder reference in MY team name! I ended up with some stupud pun based on my last name…


San Dimas High School Football Rules!!!

That one really sticks out. :smiley:

Reminded me of my college intramural softball team, the Nads (“Go Nads!”)

The best ever (I wish I’d thought it up, but I read this in SI)…back when Ivan DeJesus was playing MLB…

Jews for DeJesus.

We named our intramural team “with themselves”.

I (and another guy who’s last name also began with the letter ‘L’) shared a fantasy baseball team.

The LL Cool Jays

I kept trying to name my FF team “The Penis Mightier” from the SNL skits about Jeopardy but it seemed like it kept crashing. When I finally figured out it was a “bad” name, I decided to go with

Inappropriate Team Name

In one of Bill Simmon’s columns recently, he mentioned a reader who had sent in the best name ever.

Two Manning’s…One Cup

If you aren’t really sure what that’s a reference to, doing a quick google will solve the mystery, but you don’t really want to… I’m serious, just take my word for it.

There is a team in the lower leagues of soccer in Stockholm that call themselves “We’d like to thank”, so after the game the opposing team has to say “We’d like to thank, W’ed like to thank, and the referee”.

Our sucky soccer team at the University was named Lokomotiv Råstock (a pun on a German soccer team (Rostock) with Råstock meaning “raw sausage” in Swedish)

I’ve had Candiru, Overpaid Primadonnas, and Cleveland Steamers for some of my fantasy football teams over the years.