Help! Fantasy Football (NFL) Team Name Needed

I need the creative help of the Teeming Millions[sup]TM[/sup].

I’m tired of the old name of my fantasy football team (The Hawaiian Islands), and I want a new one.

I’d like it to be humorous, or punny, or just downright deviously creative, but I apparently have a severe mental block.

So I turn to the “smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks” for suggestions.

“The Team Formerly Known As Prince”

The Shelbyville Shelbyvilleians
Springfield Isotopes
Albequerque Isotopes
The Raging Halibuts
Flaming Donuts of Cheese
Rabid Donkeys
Bunions of Freedom

Max, clever.
Munch, I’ll have one of whatever you’re drinking. ~grin~

I once had a team called The Rabid Rutabagas. They have since become The Squatting Octopi. Feel free to use either brilliant name.

Squatting Octopi While brilliant, it unfortunately evokes an SpongeBob-Squarepants-style image in my mind of a row of Octopi on open-air toilets, grimacing with diarrhea agony. Ewwwww.

Just created one called the U City Longhairs, but if you’re not from U City and don’t have long hair, it might not make much sense.

This one doesn’t really apply to you either, but my all-time favorite team name is the Macon Whoopee.

Since it’s an ‘NFL’ team, how about the Overpaid, Woman-beating Drug Users? Too realistic?

The Beer Nuts?
Total Dipsticks?
Electric Prunes?
Flying Maharajas?

peaseaMacon Whoopee is exactly the kind of name I’m looking for. I’d have never guessed it’s the real name of a real sports team if you hadn’t provided the link.

It doesn’t have to necessarily apply to me geographically. After all, I used Hawaiian Islands for years and I’m not from Hawaii (although I love the islands).

And The Electric Prunes were/are an actual rock band. Hmmmm. Never thought of that angle. There is a virtual gold mine of interesting band names. Heck, I should do a SDMB search for “band name” and get all those posts where a clever turn of phrase evokes the “band name!” response.

PS. Where is U City?

Oh, so you’re looking for names more like the Juneau Whattameans, or the Charlotte Pimpernels?

How about the Lansing Boils?

The Butte Holes
The Savage Echidnas

Max, not exactly looking for the punny name, but I have to admit it has a certain appeal. Lansing Boils is a great idea because my son attends Michigan State University in East Lansing. Hey! I could even have a mascot named Fester!

Lau, I’m embarrassed to say that I had to look up Echidnas. I first read it as Echinacea which is just as ridiculously savage. ~grin~

Heywood Jablomies

Fighin’ Amish

Uh oh… now I have Max and Max Torque.

It took me awhile to get Heywood Jablomies. I kept pronouncing it with a short “o” rather than a long “o”. There are probably scores of these name puns where the first “name” sounds like a place-name to make it usable for a team name.

PS. Lao, sorry about getting your username wrong earlier.

Yeah, I’ll have to renew my earlier suggestion with one minor change:

The Lansing Boil.

“Boil”, unlike “Boils”, adds the pretense of keeping with the current trend toward “descriptives” as a team name, rather than a mascot (such as the Miami Heat, the Chicago Fire, the Revolution, the Burn, the United, stuff like that). And, it keeps the same punniness. Can’t you just see yourself referring to “the Boil” in the same way as “the Heat”?

The Milwaukee Talkies

I’s like to Quote George Karlin on Football…

“I’m tired of rotting for the Jaguars or the Panthers. Any animal alive augh to be eligible to be a team. I want to root for “The Mice” Go Mice! Let’s Win for the Pink & White!”
And… “Well, ** The Crabs ** are all over the Cowboys today Bill.”

Let me nominate Mice and Crabs!

Damn, both of the names I usually use(The Springfield Isotopes and the Fightin’ Amish) have been listed. In keeping with the Simpsons references though, might I suggest the Nittany Tide?

**TelcontarStorm **, (quoting George Carlin) "I want to root for “The Mice

I’ve never heard that particular comedy bit from George. Coincidently (or not), my son’s team is The Milwaukee Mice!

5-HT (quoting the Simpsons) “Nittany Tide

I don’t remember hearing this reference either, but it is delectable! It is a perfect amalgamation of the two weirdest team nicknames in all of college sports. (be nice to me all you Penn State and Alabama fans).
I don’t live in a cave. Honest.

Algernon, It’s the nickname of Homer’s Alma Mater, Springfield U.

Toronto Saurus-Wrecks (Say it aloud)