Great Movies of Great Cities

There are many films where the city itself is one of the stars. I know tons of great NYC movies but what are the best movies for

Down with Love is one of my favorite NYC movies because it is totally stylized. West Side Story’s opening sequence of first the Battery area being slowly faded in and then the fly over is really great. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, although not shot there, has great DC scenes.

So what are some that spring to mind?

“An American In Paris” (a Gene Kelly classic) definitely features the city prominently.

The movie I associate most with Rome is of course “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

As for Chicago, “The Blues Brothers” comes to mind.

One movie I think captures New York in several not-usually-captured ways is “The Fisher King”. (I like New York in June; how about you?)