Great New Geeky Devices

Think Geek has a great tie on the site. It as a pattern in the weave that’s binary, The ASCII code of the binary comes out as “Ties Suck”. Great for when you hate ties and want to be smug aroung the office.

On the topic of binary they have a binary watch that you can show them when someone asks for the time.

The Nasa gel blue led ant farm isn’t to shabby either. It use a gel nutrient for space experiments on ants.

Anybody else have some great geeky devices you know about?

I wish one of my rich relatives would buy me the ultimate in geeky mugs: a Klein Stein.

Here’s a great one, except for the price.

It’s an @- handled mug.

The downside is that it’s made in Russia, and the shipping is over $70 US.
But fun to look at.

Those are both rich with geeky goodness. They have a great sales pitch for the Klien Stein

I love the binary and LED array-style watches at think geek.


If only I wasn’t having to save every freakin’ penny this summer.

The copy for the Acme Klein Stein is pure genius. The writer excels in hilarity. Everybody should read it. Don’t forget the links to the guarantee, and important information for idiots.

It’s a wish list thread.

Ma! Suzie bumped me!

Ooh, I got a little USB fan and a little USB light for my laptop there. And a USB thingee to hootch up two computers and swap data. And a USB hub to make more USB ports.

I was on some sort of USB device binge, I think. But I love my little fan and light!

(And yes, I got the USB Christmas tree already.)

It’s not “new,” and I’ve never had the chance to get one myself (Science and Surplus doesn’t carry them, anymore, I don’t think. :frowning: ), but I always thought Pantographs were pretty cool.

Them and Curta calculators.

I’m planning to buy ThinkGeek’s audio cassette drive for the PC.

I’ll tell everyone it’s for my ZX81 emulation. :smiley:

I wanted one of them years ago. I hate having to run a cable to the computer from a cassette player.