Great Old Song - "In These Shoes" (?)

There’s a classic song that I’m going to call a “standard” although I don’t know the name of it.

Each verse describes a perfect man walking up to the singer, describing some wonderful night he’s going to show her (e.g., he said he had two horses outside and we could ride until morning on a mountaintop), and ends with her saying, “In These Shoes!?”

Is that the name of the song? If not, what is? Who sings it?

It’s by Kirsty MacColl. This site: says she was hte original writer in 2000 (I believe she was killed in an accident not too long ago).

Anyway, great song, and the album “Tropical Brainstorm” is pretty good, too.

Kirsty was one of the greatest songwriters of the twentieth century; she’s often compared to Elvis Costello, and I’d add Cole Porter and Lyle Lovett. She was tragically killed a couple years ago when she was snorkeling in Mexico and an asshole in a speedboat was where he was not supposed to be. A tragic, tragic loss.

Equipoise and I interviewed her for a radio show once. She was a hoot; a really, really nice woman, and funny, and smart, and talented, and now infuriatingly dead. Now I’m gonna go listen to *Kite *and cry.

That song’s only a few years old? Really? She had me fooled.

Wow. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check her out.