Great rhythm sections

I’d be very interested in hearing y’all’s opinions on truly notable rhythm sections. I’m only conversant on some of the rock-genre ones, but I’d like to know who else to sample.

I do like Rush, but I’m particularly enamored of the Moon-era Who. Two great players who sounded like no one else, especially Moon. I understand that Koinonia was very good, with Abraham Laboriel and Alex Acuna. Hmmm… gotta hit Napster for some of that out-of-print Koinonia.

My personal favorite is The Rolling Stones, circa 1988. I saw them live, and was totally blown away by how tight Watts and co. were. Men At Work were great too. Listen to the Cargo album, you’ll see. The Scorpions, circa 1984 also come to mind, if you like heavier stuff. Listen to Love At First Sting, or World Wide Live; come to think of it, their older stuff (Fly To The Rainbow from the mid 70s) is just as good.