Great Trey Anastasio performances

I’m a big square who got a job and hoarded some assets, so I didn’t get to hear all of the Trey Anastasio highlights. I liked Fast Enough For Youwhen it was new, and occasionally noticed some awesome sounds coming out of these guys, but mostly I was distracted by the illusion of my own universe.

So, what did I miss? What are the great Trey Anastasio performances that I ought to listen to again and again?

Well I’m not sure whether you’re looking for good Phish songs, songs in which Trey did something good, or Phish songs which are similar to Fast Enough for You.

If the first or last, then If I Could is a great song. I don’t know which parts of which songs were done by Trey, though.

That’s a good one! :slight_smile:

To try to answer ‘what was I thinking?’- basically what I love about Phish is what great composers and performers these guys are. I only saw them live while Jerry was still alive and therefore before they sort of ‘inherited’ all that. The performance aspect was off the chart. The shit they played live was extremely exciting, to such a degree that someone like me couldn’t help wondering what the hell was going on. What band ever rocked this hard? (I know, a lot of them actually) The strange symphonic control over compositional effects was simply startling. The technical ability of these musicians was uniquely impressive.

Most of all, Trey Anastasio seemed to be quite a talented artist. The best performances of him are, to me, the best performances of Phish. And he had his solo career. I’m most interested in awesome Trey Anastasio guitar work that I’ve missed.

The thing about the song I posted in the OP is that it is Phish, yet it sort of makes sense. I get it that the point of this band is their unmatched musical ability, and making sense could almost get in the way, but still, sometimes it is nice for music to have some kind of meaning or message. These pieces are kind of ‘pretty’, and every good musician is going to have to take a close look at that, but sometimes ‘pretty’ can get a little cloying or corny, but obviously Phish has worked this problem out.

Besides that, there’s restraint in that piece. Trey can go plenty nuts if he wants to, but sometimes the song is better if one tones it down a little, and it is demonstrated that Trey’ll do that for better music. I love that. But still, I think I missed out on some of the ass-kicking stuff.

Somewhat similar boat—caught and loved a few Phish shows but always preferred Dead tour.
Here’s some candy I can share:

Architectis sublimely beautiful.

His version of Clint Eastwood is fantastic (though it really highlight’s Jennifer’s vocals more than Trey).

And make some time and grab some headphones. Here’s a pro-video of Furthur’s entire set from Lockn’ 2013—with Trey sitting in on the second half.