Great viewing in tonight's sky: Venus, Mars, Saturn and the moon are quite close together

It’s a bit cloudy at the moment, so I hope we get a clear sky tonight (Friday 13 August). I’m off to the Observatory to see the view. Venus, Mars, Saturn and the crescent moon are all close together in Virgo, in the early evening north-western sky. As well, below them, Mercury is visible in Leo.

Don’t forget the Perseids meteor shower!

I managed to see them all at once, but it’s tricky because the Moon is so close to the sunset that there’s not much time to catch it while all 4 are visible. Saturn only becomes visible a few minutes before the Moon sets, or at least it did here.

They’re not visible this far south.

It was a lovely, clear sky, and we got great views. After the moon and four planets had set, the telescope was swung round, and we got to see Jupiter rising in the east. Bonus!

I’m staying at Koh Tao for a few days, taking a break from work and trying to de-stress a little. Mostly diving here and today I signed up for a night dive; it was a very nice dive, quite magical to float in the darkness with only the cone of light of your torch to pierce into the blackness of the sea, I liken it to being an astronaut. With that sort of priming try to imagine swimming up to the surface, emerging over the gentle waves facing right into this gorgeous celestial display hung just over the horizon. Absolutely breathtaking.

Too bad is overcast now and there’s no chance to see the Perseids, would had been a perfect end for the day, laying on the beach looking up the stars and counting the meteors.

Yes, that de-stressing is working like a charm! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t make any odds if there was a minus-six magnitude supernova in Ursa Major at the moment - English August is doing what English August does best. :smack:

Ah, forgot to pay attention to your location. But don’t feel too bad about it. I was up at 4:45am to see if I could catch any of it, only to be confronted by a thick layer of overcast skies. Not even a single star was visible through the muck. :frowning: Oh well.

It’s clearing up! It’s been cloudy lately (as it so often is, here), so I thought I wouldn’t get to see this. But looking out the window now, it looks like there’s hope I might get to see it tonight!

I’m just getting ready to show a bunch of cub scouts the sky at night too! It looks like it might be clearing up here, and hopefully we can watch for some Perseids too!