Perseid Meteor Shower -- Morning of August 12

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The annual spectacle of the Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight. Viewers in th northern hemisphere can see it from 2 AM to sunrise, local time. At the most, hundreds or thousands of shooting stars an hour may be visible.

If you’re interested, find someplace dark* to look up.

I’m off to bed so I can get up at 3:30 to watch.

  • And outside, of course. :wink:

Here’s a link to NASA’s page about it, with some additional information.

I missed it because of a broken layer of clouds, but I did see the space station, I think. Tonight (12 to 13 August) is also an option, if anybody wants to try.

I am in the suburbs of Pittsburgh (Apollo, PA). We put a sleeping bag on my deck and saw some amazing meteor action between 11:30 pm EST and 12:30. I am working today, so we went to sleep after that. We saw around one every 3 to 5 minutes, including a “grande finale” type tear-the -sky-apart spectacular.

Good times.

If one doesn’t look too closely at the dates of these posts, one will become extremely confused.

I had to go check my calendar! I will peak out tomorrow, but I never see anything (it’s either cloudy or I don’t wake up or I forget). It would be cool to see, though.

I am an athiest, but I hope that the non existant weather Gods see fit to give me a cloudless sky… there is also an upcoming lunar eclipse… (23 Aug?).

Meteor showers are very cool… but the up coming lunar eclipse offers a great opportunity. Get out away from a light polluted area, where you can see the white fog of the Milky way clearly.

Wait for the eclipse… When it reaches “totality” the milky way will seem to “light up” to your dark sensitized eyes. very cool effect


Nope, no god, cloudy and rainy here. :mad: Ironically, I first saw the Perseids while away at Baptist camp when I was a kid. Then I ended up atheist. :wink:

I just came inside after about 2 hours of watching, but I think I’ll grab the air mattress and go back out, since apparently it hasn’t peaked yet. I’ve seen about 20 – a couple with nice long tails. They’re all over the place, and they don’t all move in the same direction. I probably don’t understand how these things operate. :slight_smile:

It’s clear here, probably about 70, with a nice breeze. And no mosquitoes, which is amazing with all the rain we’ve had lately.

I came in just now, after about 40 mins of watching, and saw less than 10. Maybe 3 of them were really good ones, and only one had a nice tail to it.

Like usual, this is not living up to the hype and isn’t worth the sleep it’s costing me. It’s like the Redskins–every year, I keep hoping, but I’m always disappointed.

Meteor showers are like the “great Pumkin” if you don’t watch for them, you won’t see them, and sometimes even when you do, you won’t see much. The last "magic’ Persied shower was in 1968… apparently it was like a fireworks show with up to 30 meteors/minute.

What is happening is that we (the earth)are passing through a dust cloud left by a comet’s tail. That comet emitted its tail in pulses. Sometime we pass through a rich feild of debris, some times we don’t.

The Persieds are funny… we can hit an empty zone and then hit an active zone with in minutes… I have watched them about 7 times, and seens everything from dull nothings to 9 withing 5 seconds…

Murphy’s law says that the spectacular stuff will happen 1 second after you give up and go inside…


I hate myself for responding to a zombie thread, but…

I went out for a couple hours after dark and saw a bunch. Maybe an average of one every three minutes or so. Turned in around 12:30 because I really wanted to get up for this morning’s “peak.” I went outside for 45 minutes just now, and saw one. That’s right, one. I’m not pleased.

However, it was cool to see pieces of the winter sky start appearing…the Pleadies, Taurus, and Orion were all coming up in the east. I’m never up to see them except in the dead of winter…so that was nice. I love the other half of the sky so much better than the boring summer sky. Altair can kiss my ass. Vega and Deneb still rock, though. Props to my homies.

Oh yeah, Mars was coming up in the east, too. Can’t wait to see that guy more once fall starts. I’ve been waiting to train my new scope on him.

I’m really tired and grumpy now. Off to bed, probably to have dreams about meteor showers that are better than the shit I just woke up for.

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